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Ooops – I just can’t keep away from LUSH lately and couldn’t resist sharing my recent lush haul with you! It wasn’t all that long ago I got some goodies but when my boyfriend suggested making a trip to Oxford Street to specifically top-up my LUSH collection, I wasn’t going to say no, was I?! Since moving into our flat from University Halls I have never appreciated a bath as much as now and LUSH bath bombs, bubblebars etc. makes them so much better.

It is always so difficult to decide on products when in store as EVERYTHING smells SO good, however, after about half an hour I walked away with these products. It’s not the biggest lush haul ever, but definitely the start to a growing obsession:

lush haul

1. Dragons Egg Bath Bomb – £3.35

lush dragons egg

I love anything with a citrus smell and so this got my senses tickling as soon as I gave it a whiff! A woman in store told me that this will pop away when I put it in the bath and turn it a gorgeous orange/golden colour. It’s a large, white bath bomb with coloured shaving in the bath bomb so you can imagine the white outer layer cracking like an egg (as the name suggests) to unleash a surprise core that will fizz away and convert your bath into a wonderland. I am far too excited to use this as its natural ingredients not only make it smell amazing but will also do your skin wonders.

2. The Comforter Bubble Bar – £4.75

comforter lush

After using the Unicorn Horn from my previous mini lush haul, I knew I had to pick myself up another bubble bar as you get 3/4 uses out of each one depending on the size which is fantastic! The Unicorn Horn had a signature fragrance of lavender but these are much more fruity and even my boyfriend agreed that I had to grab this one; a mix of blackcurrant and lemon create a beautiful scent plus it is pink so I didn’t have to be convinced any more. I’m going to break this into quarters so four baths will benefit from the pink colours and bubbles this bubblebar will create – I don’t think I’ll ever get out of the bath at this rate!

3. The Fizzbanger Bath Bomb – £3.35

lush fizzbanger

Recognise this bad boy? I bought it in my last lush shop (here) and I absolutely loved it that I had to pick it up again! It smells divine; lemon and citrus notes filled up my bathroom and it continued to smell really good for days after plus it was a really fun bath bomb to watch fizz up so I was eager to use it once again.

I couldn’t be happier with my new purchases, I’m loving LUSH at the moment, I decided against buying anything from their Mothers Day and Easter range just as I love citrus/fruity smells over anything else but I recommend you check out all of their ranges (new and old) and find the perfect match for you on their website (be warned, you will be lusting over so many different products!)

What are your favourite LUSH products? When was the last time you went on a lush haul? Let me know!

Amy x

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