Looking Back – Did I Meet My 2015 New Year Resolutions?

Firstly, Happy New Year lovelies! I can’t believe we are in 2016?! It feels like 2008 was last year and I’m not at all adult enough to be turning 22 this year. I’ve been super excited for 2016 to arrive as I can tell it’s going to be such an amazing year with so many milestones rapidly approaching. I’ve been loving these posts that reflect back on new year resolutions you set yourselves for the past year. I’m usually totally rubbish at keeping new year resolutions but this year I actually tried to prove myself I can stick to a goal and achieve it. So I’ll revisit what I promised myself to do this year and a (totally honest) review of if this was kept or if this was failed.

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1. Grow my Hair.
Like many girls I’m sure, long hair is always desirable, but after years of bleaching and abusing my hair it was mimicking straw and action needed to be taken. After cuts, I don’t believe my hair is necessarily any longer than it has been in the past but what it is much more healthy, thick and nourished. There were several steps I took to give my hair some well needed TLC; firstly stopped home dying it platinum blonde and went to the hairdressers and got it done a subtle ombre so my roots are my natural colour and the bottoms are blonde so I wouldn’t have to dye it every six weeks, now I only need touch ups every six months. I reviewed hair growth tablets here which worked well at replenishing my hairs lost vitamins and minerals, giving it a noticeable new lease of life. I have also been using Argan and Coconut Oils habitually as a pre-wash mask to give my hair a deeper clean and these are working amazingly. I was beginning to believe my hair was falling out and now it’s thicker than ever.
Resolution: Kept!

2. Lose Weight and Keep it Off.
Within the year, I joined a gym in my town and have been going to it at least twice a week to become healthier. Instead of being a size 10/12, I am a sound size 10 and actually  bought my works Christmas do dress in a size 8 and I’m so happy. I definitely want to tone up a lot more, but getting up and going to the gym has not only been great physically but also great mentally, helping me focus and be determined in my University work. I could definitely stop eating so much rubbish food, but I’m pleased with ensuring I get into the routine of working out and hope to continue this throughout this year too.
Resolution: Kept!

3. Be Less Stressed.
This is a yes/no kind of answer. I believe that throughout the year I have definitely become much better at time managing and ensuring I have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. Being organised definitely makes me feel less stressed. Thus, I have completed my dissertation and feel I couldn’t have put more time into it than I did. That said, I will ALWAYS stress after a deadline believing it won’t be good enough and I’ve made a really stupid mistake that will cost me my desired grade. This is something I still need to work on, but I always want to do my best. My whole family is the same so I’m going to blame my genetics, but still need to work on this, especially as 2016 is going to be full of major deadlines for my final year at Uni.
Resolution: Still Needs Work!

4. Watch More Films.
Now this is a resolution Rich has definitely ensured I kept. Before this year, despite studying media, my film regime was very limited. Now, Rich has made me watch sagas from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars (never seen them before now) plus really developed my love for Thrillers and Horrors (despite previously I’d run away at the mention of a Horror film!). Not only this, I’ve been going to the cinema much more frequently and I feel I’m up to date with many films on my ‘must see’ list. This resolution was never going to be hard!
Resolution: Kept!

5. Comment on Blogs I Love.
I have been blogging for all of 2015, moving my blog from blondeamy.wordpress.co.uk to blondeamy.co.uk to getting more involved in other content. I always make sure if I’ve read a post I especially enjoyed, to mention I enjoyed it in their comments. I love receiving comments, in fact they make my day completely, so what’s better than giving someone elses hard work the same feeling? If you aren’t a blogger, you’d be surprised to how much work maintaining a regular blog is, so why not show your favourite bloggers some love this year by telling them how much you enjoyed it!
Resolution: Kept!

6. Embrace my Hobbies.
As mentioned already, moving my blog to its own domain made me even more excited about its maintenance and kept me inspired to produce more content. I’ve been seriously enjoying keeping up my own website! I’ve realised just how much I enjoy experimenting with makeup and my collection has grown, no exaggeration, five times the size that it was this time last year with more products on their way. Whether it’s a new lipstick or contour kit, I get so excited about trying it out. Also, having my gym membership has shown I enjoy exercising not just as a way to get fit but as a release and I’m really enjoying my workouts. I’ve ensured to give myself a lot of ‘me’ time, whilst fitting around Uni work and spending time with Rich.
Resolution: Kept!

I still can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. I could swear we are still in 2008?! This year has been really great for me but I am so excited to see what next year has in store as I’ll be finishing Uni. I’m definitely going to be setting myself new resolutions to follow and I’ll be letting you know what these are very shortly! I’ll be travelling home for Christmas tomorrow and super excited to see my family and friends again as I’ve not seen them since August. If anyone else it travelling home this week, I hope you all have a safe journey.

Have you kept to your resolutions? What are you going to set yourself in 2016? Let me know in the comments! ♥

Amy x

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