Lipsticks you need for autumn

My favourite makeup season has began: Autumn. Queue berry-toned lipsticks, matte bases and warm toned eye shadows. With an ever-growing collection of lipsticks it seemed only natural to start my suggestions of lipsticks you need for autumn!

lipsticks you need for autumn

Left to right:

1. Makeup Revolution Private Members Club / With a slight satin finish this is a fantastic shade for someone who wants to avoid a completely matte lip; providing moisture throughout the day. That’s not to mention the fantastic shade. This dupes the MAC shade in the collection. At only £3 this is a fantastic start to your collection if you’re an autumnal lip virgin or simply looking for an extremely affordable lip for the seasonal months – definitely had to add this with the other lipsticks you need for autumn.

2. Makeup Revolution Diamond Life / A lighter red shade than the latter. Dark purple shades are not everyone’s cup of tea so this is a fantastic option again from the high street an amazing price. This is the lighter of all my autumnal shades as I am a real believer the darker the better but this is extremely flattering on my skin tone (MAC NC15 for reference).

3. MAC Sin / There certainly is a theme here, can you tell? I’ve been wearing this beautiful shade a lot recently. Matte formulas from MAC are one of my favourite, they are extremely long lasting that remain very opaque for the duration of wear. This has more of a blue tone than berry, but become very versatile for a multitude of different looks throughout this season.

4. MAC Studded Kiss / I seem to have collected a range of different shades of red in my time as a makeup enthusiast, one in which my boyfriend would question but I can justify. This burgundy shade is beautiful on the lips with fantastic longevity. I will often pair this with the lip pencil called burgundy to give my lips an impression of looking fuller, but it does make them look bigger in a natural way. This is definitely a shade I haven’t heard a lot about from MAC and would recommend for so many reasons including just how Christmassy it looks and feels.

5. MAC Viva Glam II / The darkest of the shades in my collection and a favourite for this reason. A very matte finish ensures long wear. Pair this with Nightmoth MAC lip liner and it’s beautiful. This doesn’t wash out pale skin and it also looks fantastic on darker skin tones too so there is no excuse to pick this up or try it out yourself. I used to fear wearing bolder shades but this makes me feel incredibly confident; the perfect statement for the colder months with a neutral eye look. Not to mention profit from these lippies go to charity – autumn lipstick guilt free!

6. NYX Copenhagen / Another more affordable lip option from a company now available on the high street. The soft matte lip creams do not last as long as the previous matte formulas, they are more comfortable throughout the day. It’s more of a blue toned berry colour and makes teeth look lovely and white when worn. This is my favourite of all the lip colours from NYX so I’d recommend this to everyone.

7. Lime Crime Saint / Lime Crime are one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas as they last all day despite having food and drink. This is more of a brown toned colour but I love matching this up with a warm, gold-toned eye shadow look. It looks like a very deep burgundy on the lips and is fabulous no matter the look. I always gravitate towards this on a night out and love the statement it makes.

lipsticks you need for autumn

What have you tried from this ‘lipsticks you need for autumn’ post? Any additional recommendations?

Amy x

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