Lip Products You Need For Summer!

keeping your lips moisturisedThere is no denying that Summer has arrived in the UK, that said even writing this makes me feel as though I have provided a curse where all the fairies in the world begin singing the rain song…we have to stay optimistic though, right? With this in mind, I’ve had a particular focus on what I’ve been wearing on my lips this year throughout the warmer months and decided to share with you said products I feel any beauty-aholic needs in their collection to survive summer this year…

lush lip scrub

#1) LUSH Lip Scrub

You don’t have to stay on my blog for long to know I’m a real fan of LUSH products, from their bath bombs to their makeup. I remember picking this up for the first time when I was about 13 (convinced it was just to eat, mind) and haven’t been able to live without it since. I love using this before I go to bed and notice my lips feel as good as new as I wake. Think a mask for your lips – if you have never tried this, now is a fantastic time! I love the Bubblegum flavour one as it does taste super sweet and is edible (so 13 year old me was right!) and this becomes an every other day step in my routine.


#2) Carmex.

Who doesn’t own a Carmex? (probably at the bottom of an old hand bag you haven’y used for months)… I seem to forget about this up until Spring/Summer and hunt for mine (often resulting in buying a new one every year!). This is a classic and an amazing performer in moisturising your lips making them feel super hydrated and plump. Again, having owned this for years it’s a staple product I couldn’t recommend enough and if you have not tried it – where have you been?

dr paw paw

#3) Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm.

This is a new addition to my collection but a well loved one none-the-less. I love that this does a very similar job to Carmex in terms of giving my lips the moisture they crave after drying out in the sun all day, but it acts as a multi-purpose tool in helping dry skin, split ends and dry lips. I reviewed this in a lot more detail here, so be sure to check that post out if you are curious in the full potential of this little fella. I love using this when I travel but equally it has become a much reached for product over the past month.

MAC Creme Cup

#4) MAC Cremesheen Lipstick.

I couldn’t write a post about lips without mentioning a lipstick, could I? I’m not usually the biggest fan of Cremesheen finish MAC lipsticks… until this time of year, where it’s moisturising consistency as well as its sheer application gives your lips a pop of colour without drying them out. My current favourite in Creme Cup, as it’s a beautiful light, pink-based, nude.. but there are such a huge selection on their website where you can search by this particular finish. Say goodbye to Mattes for now, your lips will love you after you’ve switched them up for a Cremesheen lippy!

So there is a very quick round up of products I can’t stop raving about for summer and definitely recommend for anyone who is looking to give their lips some TLC when the sun actually decides to show its face! My lips get super dry, super quick but this powerful combo has kept them feeling healthy and plump so far – something I’ve not quite been able to master in previous years.

Do you have any lip saviours for the summer? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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