Life Lately #3 | My 21st!

I sit here removing my acrylic nails whilst writing this post and truly can’t believe October is almost over, this month is one I had anticipated for so long and have truly had the most amazing month. I apologise as I didn’t post anything on Friday and to be honest, I’ve been so crazy busy. That said, I couldn’t wait to share with you everything I have been up too celebrating my 21st birthday. They say this is one to remember, and oh boy was it. Thank you all for the wonderful messages on the day and to my wonderful friends and family for their cards and presents (I get reminded they read my blog, and I’ll probably continue to get embarrassed about it fo’ life), I was made to feel like a complete princess.


Here’s a big shout out to my boyfriend of almost three years (yikes!) for jetting us off to celebrate away from the rubbish weather of London for a week of sun, sea and sangria in Tenerife. I probably annoyed everyone with my countdown since we booked it up in March, but was it a week to remember. I survived my terrible sunburn that ended up swelling the back of my legs, my foot and my left eye and are already peeling like crazy but it was amazing. I know it is a popular holiday destination for Brits, but if you have never been, I couldn’t recommend it enough. There are dozens of beaches, bars and restaurants and with the pound being so good against the euro, everything worked out ridiculously cheap. If you don’t mind several men trying to sell you fake Michael Kors, Mulberry and Gucci accessories with an average temperature of 29 degrees, this is the place for you. My birthday was spent at Siam Park (you may recognise it from episodes of ‘Take Me Out’) pretending of being the couple of 21 and 25 years old, we were both 13 again, having a day of water rides which was truly awesome. That night we enjoyed a free bottle of white wine and copious amounts of cocktails (this being the pattern of the week – Rich becoming extremely parcial to Tequila sunrise) and came back to the hotel feeling extremely tipsy. It wouldn’t be my 21st being sober would it?


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Night Out:

To conclude the big 2-1, I couldn’t not have a night out to celebrate. My friend from Devon, Leanne, travelled 300 miles to celebrate with me and Molli and what a great night it was. There is nothing more fun than getting ready for a night out with friends, drinking weird and wonderful alcohol, and crying when all the ‘never have I ever’ questions are aimed at you. Nonetheless, it was a great night with my closest friends and with the clocks going back on sunday morning, I couldn’t be more thankful. What a great night!

21st birthday Watford

21st birthday

I was dreading turning 21, jut because I hate getting older, but I’d do the whole thing again in a heartbeat. Wonderful company with memories to last a life time means you’ve done something right. So big up to everyone who made my birthday as special as it was and I can’t wait to write posts on all my new beauty and fashion additions, so keep posted my lovelies, I can’t wait to share them with you!

So thank you everyone who has made this birthday so memorial, I have been truly spoilt and had an amazing few weeks celebrating my 21st! I can tell a lot is going to happen to Blonde Amy this year and I can’t wait for you all to be the ones to see it grow!

Have you had a special occasion to celebrate or did anything truly wonderful in October? Let me know!

Amy x

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