Life Lately #5 – Moving to Devon, Getting A First & A New Job!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Life Lately’ post and I feel as though a lot has happened recently making one of these posts more appropriate than ever. I also don’t feel like I’ve written up a “sit down and chat” kinda post in a while so what with the whirlwind of a month I’ve had, I thought this was the perfect time to take time out and explain exactly what I’ve been up too!


1) Moving back to Devon!
You’ve read about this before or heard about this in my videos, but if you are a newbie here, I recently finished Uni which meant my time in London came to an end. I had decided form my second year I wanted to move back to Devon with my family as I missed them and how beautiful Devon is. That said, leaving London was equally one of the most difficult things as I had made some of the best friends there. I couldn’t write this post without mentioning Molli – nothing less than my rock over the last two years. We were like twins. Pretty much the same person divided in two. If I’m thankful for anything uni has brought to me, it is her. Already being away from her for just over 3 weeks I’m feeling lost. It was also emotional saying goodbye to the wonderful team I worked with. I cried so many times. I have filmed a VLOG of my final week in London which I aim to edit and be on my channel as soon as possible – it’s only now the chaos of being back to Devon has began to calm down a little (really hoping for it to go live this Sunday!). Despite the emotional goodbyes, I’m really happy to be back in Devon. The beaches, the sea and the more relaxed way of life compared to London is already something I appreciate daily and I’m so pleased I’ve come back even if leaving was super difficult.


2) Getting a First Class Honours!
About a week ago our Uni results for our degree became available and I was a nervous wreck on my way back from work. I called Rich and was pretty much hyperventilating as I kind of didn’t want to know what I got. So I got in and opened up my laptop and checked my results AND I ONLY GOT A FIRST FOR MY DEGREE! Even writing this I’m still in disbelief as I did not anticipate getting that at all. It’s insane and I’m so proud of myself especially as all I wanted to do in the first year I wanted to drop out after having such a terrible experience, which I wrote about in more detail here, but it does prove that no matter what you put your mind too you can achieve even if it seems unreachable at the time.


3) Getting a New Job.
As I moved back to Devon I initially transferred to the same store I was working for part time in London but for full time hours here. It was okay, but not what I wanted to do especially after finishing my degree. That all changed, last week I had an interview at a media agency and was offered a job there and then and I couldn’t be any more overjoyed. I’ll be starting off as a Social Media/Content Assistant and developing my role from there. It is such a relief to not only be doing something I love but having found a relative job role in an area where opportunities are much less frequent. I start there on the 27th! It is an hour and a half travel from where I’m living currently but I’m going to start my driving lessons as soon as I know my rota as that’s something I’ve also been telling myself I’ll start when I’m back, but already feeling quite nervous about them.


Although we don’t have our own place down here yet (not through lack of looking) everything is slowly taking shape. It’s weird to think I am no longer a student and everything is so different, but new chapters in life are exciting and I truly believe everything that is meant to work out will! I feel like a real adult now with real adult responsibilities with an even more real job to start. Changing things is always a daunting experience, but so much has seemed to have happened it is quite empowering to know you’re in control of your own future and following what your heart wants to do is so important.

What have you been up too lately? I’d love to know any milestones in your lives!

Amy x


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