Life Lately #4 – Living Alone, Makeup Revolution Party & Ellie Goulding.

I feel like so much has happened to me in such a short space of time that it only seemed right to update you all with a ‘Life Lately #4’ post to fill you in. January and February were very carefree months and it seems March has been so chaotic with so much going on in such a short space of time I wanted to just take it back with this post and let you all know what it’s been like in the life of Amy. Please feel free to grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee and relax whilst we catch up..

#1) Finally starting a Youtube Channel.
So the beginning of March saw me hit ‘publish’ on a video on YouTube for the first time ever. Youtube has been something I have wanted to get into for so long as I spend so long watching videos of others I figured ‘Why don’t I give this a try myself?’ and I have loved every minute of it! My videos are far from perfect and I still have a lot to learn with editing and lighting but I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone a lot more through making said videos and if you’d like to support the next step of my journey, I’d love for you all to subscribe to my channel here and help it grow further. I’ve had so much fun and as someone who lack confidence, I’m so happy I’ve pushed myself to develop in this way. Feel free to enjoy the Introduction to my channel here to see what to expect…

#2) Rich Moving Out.
Every time I told someone at work he was moving out they all gasped, asked if I was okay and presumed we had broken up. Don’t worry, there have been no broken hearts.. Rich and I have decided that we both want to move back to Devon when I finish uni in the summer (currently in London) and Rich began to apply for jobs as he has always seemed to be incredibly unlucky when it comes to getting a job, but sods law, this was the time he seemed to have got it over night and two weeks ago he moved out from our flat, leaving me here until I finish. As much as it is weird being on my own in the flat we shared, it’s exciting as we are approaching the next big step in life and I’m excited to see the benefits of this change.

#3) Setting a Date To Move Out.
Following from my last point, having not been sure when it would be I would also move out, my course leader at Uni confirmed our final deadline for the course, and the degree, would be the 26th of May meaning my dad will be coming up to collect our stuff in a removal van on the 28th of May. This is incredibly exciting again because it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter in both my life and Rich’s, but this is the date I’ll no longer be a student and start looking for graduate jobs in Devon. It’s also incredibly sad as I have build some amazing relationships in London, specifically with my best friend Molli, as well as the guys I work with in the shop. I know I’ll be a hot mess saying goodbye to everyone because lets face it.. Amy loves a good cry and I’m terrible at goodbyes!

#4) The Makeup Revolution Birthday Party.
makeup revolution birthday party
March saw me begin my new years resolution of attending more blogging events and what an amazing night it was! In fact, I’d go as far as saying it was the best night out I had ever had. I went with Molli to this event and we were ready to dance the night away.. and we may have done so quite literally. We were introduced to new product launches, the owners of TAM Beauty (the guys who own Makeup Revolution, Freedom and I <3 Makeup) as well as owners of Superdrug.. we were treated to a free bar, canapés and Scott Mills as the event DJ and an incredibly generous goody bag (my next Youtube Video will be revealing all!). It sounds like a mental dream right? Needless to say I was boasting at work the next day (whilst asking everyone for sympathy for my heavy head). The event took place in Cafe de Paris in Central London and I met so many other wonderful bloggers too! An amazing night for such an amazing company – to hear their gratitude towards bloggers/vloggers and the like was inspirational and I was very pleased to be seen to support such a fantastic company.

#5) Ellie Goulding.
ellie goulding delirium tour
Saving the BEST ‘TILL LAST HERE GUYS! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.. to say I’ve been waiting for this tour for years is not a dramatisation.. I missed the two tours with them clashing with other things like A levels exams and other important things that when I say she was touring with Delirium I was probably the first to book tickets during pre-orders and counted down the days since last September. So Thursday, Molli and I went and OH MY GAAAAAD – he were so close I could almost touch her. We were standing and it was the most amazing tour I have ever seen and I have seen so many performers live and this beat them all. My fandom has been increased and if you like Ellie Goulding even just a little bit you will love her on tour, I know I’ll be going to her next one in a few years time and my woman crushing is so real. AH-MA-ZING. (can you tell I’m one of her biggest fans?) Simply incredible.

So March has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs but I’ve some of the most amazing nights of my life that I’ll never forget and I’m so fortunate that I had the opportunity to experience them. It’s weird as it’s really feeling like Uni is quickly coming to an end and it’s strange as I’ve been counting down for so long. I don’t know how April will top this month at all – I love having things to look forward too and I’m excited for how this year is going to shape up! 2016 you have already been incredible.

Amy x

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