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It seems like forever ago since I wrote a ‘Life Lately’ post but with just how busy I have been this last month I thought there is no time like the present. If you follow me on social media, you’d know I haven’t been as active as I have been but August has been an amazing month crammed full of things and I can’t wait to share with you all what I’ve been up to! I’m going to be back into my blog (and my gym membership that has been a little neglected the past few weeks) but what a great month I have had!

1) A Visit From My Dad.

The only member yet to actually see my flat in London was my dad and when Rich said he was going to go down to Devon for a week, I was gutted to be on my own, but a last minute phone call from my mum and dad resulted in my dad booking tickets to stay with me for the week. Having not lived in the south east of England for around fifteen years he had a lot of London culture to catch up on which resulted in trips to Nandos, Starbucks, Yates and a pretzel van (my fav!). I haven’t really spent that much time with my Dad on his own but it was lovely to have him company and to have some quality daddy, daughter time!

2) Getting My Tongue Pierced.

Something I wanted to get done for so long but I was so petrified of the pain. One afternoon I plucked up the courage to go to my local piercer and got it done there and then. It ended up being the least painful piercing I have had and I love it so much. It has already heeled but if anyone else is thinking of getting it done, I was thinking of doing a post on the healing journey if it would help anyone else out. I can’t wait to get a smaller bar in it now. If you’re thinking of getting it done too – GO FOR IT!

2) Trip To Twickenham Stadium.

o2 employee training twickenham

This was a trip organised by my work but still somewhere in London I had never visited before. I work for O2, and with them the sponsor of the England Rugby Team every colleague in London met for a day of team building, watching new marketing material, seeing new unreleased models and an afternoon on a man made beach made by organisers where I may have had one too many pimms, but when you get paid to drink and have a good time, I couldn’t complain!

3) My Mum Visited.

My mum had planned to come down and visit from early in the summer and I couldn’t wait to see her! After spending some nights at my nans, my mum came and visited Rich and I and it was lovely! I hate living 300 miles away from my family but when they do the dreaded 6 hour coach journey, I couldn’t appreciate it more! We went for a little shop and had lots to catch up on!

4) Then a Visit From My Sister.

london adventure - london eye, oxfort street and cinema


I’ve been truly spoilt this month with visits from my family. Whilst working I couldn’t go down as much as I had before but I had promised my sister a trip as an early birthday present. In order to celebrate her 17th birthday in style I had lots planned: on her first full day we went to Oxford Street and damaged our bank accounts terribly, we had a night where she got a little too drunk, we went to Hyde Park on the hottest day of the year, we watched the Bad Education movie at the cinema (I love Jack Whitehall and it’s such a funny film for those wanting to see it!) and on our final night we spent the evening at Embankment and went on the London Eye as part of her birthday present from me. It was such an amazing week and there were hundreds of photos taken of our adventures!

5) A Surprise Visit To Devon!

north devon

life lately blog post

This was something I had waited all month for; surprising my sister than I was going back to Devon with her to celebrate her birthday. She honestly had no idea until we were about to leave my flat and I said I had forgot my purse, in fact I went to get my suitcase and she looked like she was close to tears. I hate missing significant events when I live so far away so I was fortunate work arranged this time off for me and I had such a wonderful time, it made me so excited to finish uni and get myself back down there. The 6 days I was down consisted of visits to the beaches, shops, restaurants, catching up with people, cuddles with my dog and a bank holiday night out with my friends. Leaving what I believe as home is always so hard, especially as I’m unsure if I’m able to make it down at Christmas, but everything works out in the end and only 9 more months and then I’d have finished uni and can get my own place down there.

I was dreading another Summer away from my family but I’ve pretty much seen someone everyday during the past month and I couldn’t be more fortunate. I’ve had such a great Summer and already dreading the start of my Third Year but then again very excited to see friends I haven’t seen for SO long! I love my family and after such a crazy month, I’ll be back on social media and replying to all your wonderful comments. Now a list of over one hundred emails await to my attention as well as a lot of work to catch up on but on a plus side, I can finally say I’m going on holiday next month!

Have you guys been up to anything exciting over the summer? I’d love to hear from you!

Amy x

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