Last Minute Holiday Haul

As this publishes, I’ll be on my way to Gatwick airport! I’ve been so excited to start my birthday week in Tenerife and I can’t believe it has finally come around. I decided to dedicate todays post to the last minute haul I done in order to be holiday ready.

holiday haul* Be warned, this may make you a little bit jealous, I’m so sorry!!


1. Body Shop.

the body shop haul

This was a serious case of going in to buy ONE thing and coming out with much more. I went in literally just for Cocoa Body Butter, as their body butters are the best. I didn’t realise until I went to the till that not only was it buy one skincare, get half price off the second, also it was 20% off for all Love Your Body members plus, when you spend over £25 with discounts you get a free gift worth over £22 (which included the cocoa butter and matching body scrub – for free!). You can imagine Rich’s face when a ‘pop in’ visit turned into an investigation of ALL of their products but it was well worth it. So I picked up their new Hawaiian Kukui Cream which I know has been sold out everywhere, plus with 20% anyway, I could not complain. I re-sampled it in store and my hand felt so soft to touch, I knew I had to incorporate it into my skincare routine. This is going to be essential in preventing me from peeling after I get back, plus it smells gorgeous. Next up was another Satsuma Body Mist. I love their Satsuma range and had only recently run out of the perfume I bought, but decided to get the body mist as it lasts just as long on and you get much more for your money. I’ll be smelling like a satsuma on my holiday and I couldn’t be happier! Back to the Satsuma range, I decided to pick up their hand cream as it becomes a tradition for me every winter to pick up a new hand cream for my bag. This is so moisturising and again, smells amazing! Definitely a handbag essential, plus it is small enough to take on the plane! Then there were my free gifts, a.k.a. what I went in there with the intention to buying in the first place. The Cocoa body butter and body scrub, not only do these just smell like chocolate, Cocoa butter is better and treating sun burn than aftersun in my opinion and will be an essential after a day in the sun. Body scrubs last forever from The Body Shop so I’m pleased I have added another to my collection, ex-foliating is so important for the skin and even better when I come away smelling like chocolate.

2. Wilkinsons

mini travel products

Yes I am that person that buys miniature versions of products for the same price as their full size version, but can you blame me when they look this cute? Dry Shampoo is a MUST no matter where I go whether it is to add extra volume or to re-fresh my hair from grease and oil, so I just had to pick up this mini Batiste bottle. The mini toothpaste and mouthwash even made Rich ‘awwwww’ in excitement. I’m so OCD when it comes to cleaning my teeth but I did not want to take a full bottle of mouthwash in case it leaked all over my clothes! Lastly, no girl can be without her cotton pads for makeup removal. I was in need of another batch and love the bigger size of these ones. They will go great with my toner water!

3. Post Office.


The most exciting yet expensive part of the whole trip, but one that was an absolute necessity. EUROOOOSSSS! Ahh I can’t get over how much it feels like monopoly money though. I can’t wait to see how many cocktails I can buy with this! I was very fortunate to have been given some money by family before I left in order to exchange ready to spend abroad. I heard there is a Sephora in Tenerife too, how much do you reckon Rich will hate me if I spent an entire day there? Hehe we will see!

This haul made me so excited to be leaving the UK for a week and being on my way to Gatwick is seriously unreal. I’m so excited, although I don’t want to turn 21 tomorrow, it isn’t all bad and I’m very fortunate for my boyfriend to be whisking me away to celebrate! How lucky am I?

Amy x

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