Why I am disappointed with the Kylie lip kits

I never imagined the title of this post would roll out of my mouth (or be typed in this instance) when I finally managed to submit my order from Kylie Cosmetics almost a month and a half ago. The hype for these goes without saying and I fully splurged on four of her classic colours after doing my research. Continue reading to see why I am disappointed with the Kylie Lip Kits.

Kylie lip kits

The price of these were cheaper than other high end lip products, considering you get a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner for around £20-25 depending on the conversion rate from US dollars to UK pounds. That said I picked up four (those pictured as well as Dolce K, which I can’t seem to locate anywhere) so after that, plus shipping these came to almost £100. I thankfully avoided customs charge (this seems to be hit and miss) so this was a lot of buck for something I was left extremely disappointed about and this is why…

kylie lip kit honest review

Packaging / The packaging of the product is very Kylie-esque from the front, iconic and simplistic – impressive. However, the liquid lipstick is packed in a very cheap looking plastic tube, I found the MUA liquid lipsticks from Superdrug had spent more money on the feel of this aspect of packaging. It didn’t fit with the elegant theme of the box and I felt a little cheated. I have no complains about the look of the lip liner, however.

The Lip liner / Having just complimented the lip liner look, I have to complain about the product itself. The first time I applied the Dolce K liner, it literally crumbled off in one. Not impressed. I applied the others with greater caution but they are really hard, nothing like the creamy MAC ones I am used too which work out at a very similar price.

kylie lip kit honest review

Longevity / I try not to judge a product before I wear it throughout the day to cast my final opinion. To swatch these looked promising and as a liquid lipstick lover I felt hopeful (backed with the thousands of fantastic reviews online). These were good for around an hour and a half until they began crumbling, separating and dried up my lips completely. This was evident in all the colours I purchased: Mary Jo K, Dolce K, Posie K and Kourt K. I didn’t apply them thick, I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I have cheaper, and more accessible products, that perform way better than these.

Watery / The Kylie lip kits were incredibly watery and after researching if I had got a ‘bad batch’ others have seemed to agree with me. The new formula has been changed from the original that I missed out as they sold out in 30 seconds. The older ones were more mousy and creamier according to reports, whereas the replacements have been watered down and lack the hue seen before hand. This upsets me as I would have believed someone of her status would not have wanted to release a product this ‘cheap’ feeling especially as they were so in demand. Did you also know that Kylie Cosmetics’ parent company is Seed Beauty? Also the creators of Colourpop – the Kylie and Colourpop products have the same ingredients almost like for like yet the Colourpop consistency is much better at a price tag of $6.

kylie lip kit honest review

This review may be a little controversial but I can’t help share my opinion about products that have been incredibly over-hyped by other online influences. Anything with a Kardashian name is sure to sell out instantly, but be careful before you splurge out on the Kylie lip kits like I did. I much prefer the consistency of LA Splash, Gerard Cosmetics and my favourite, Lime Crime. Be careful and don’t just buy because of lust – try one first to see if the consistency works for you, but the Kylie lip kits were just a HUGE waste of money for me!

Have you tried any of the Kylie lip kits? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know!

Amy x

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