ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush Review + Giveaway!

I hate to be THAT blogger but I’d like to start today’s post by apologising for the lack of posts here, I have had what can only be described as the busiest past few months and time has slipped away from me but I am so excited to be back writing again and today I’d like to share a ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush Review. I have been testing out the product worth £129.99 to see if it’s worth it so keep reading to hear my full review.

I was kindly gifted this product a little while ago so the positive of being a totally rubbish blogger means I’ve been able to give this product a fair trial to see if it is really worth the price tag. Before I go on, I really want to mention my obsession with oral heath and gadgets that claim to really help keep teeth in tip top condition. I have finally found a dentist that I like which has really tranformed my deep-rooted fear of them. He is so understanding of my nerves and in turn doesn’t try to sell me treatments or products, he simply eduates me and it has completely transformed my attitude to wanting the best possible teeth.

I’ve had a number of electric toothbrushes in the past and (even though I’d never let my dentist know) have been partial to a manual toothbrush but found I can be a little heavy-handed. What is different with the ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush is that it has unique features I’ve never seen in an electric toothbrush before: The ionic technology actually suppresses the bacteria causing plaque, not only removes it. This helps to prevent plaque and prevents gum disease which is more common than you may realise.

Time runs away with me and I’ve always worried about over/under brushing my teeth. This smart toothbrush has a built-in timer which may seem like a standard feature but one than my Oral-B toothbrush never included. It also stops every thirty seconds to encourage you to move onto the next section of your mouth which helps me work into those areas more than I would have otherwise.

The toothbrush also has three different settings to suit a range of different objectives.

1. Extremely sensitive for a gentle clean of teeth and gums.
2. Standard for an everyday clean.
3. A more intense setting for a deeper clean.

I also want to mention here that as a mother to a young baby that wakes up easily to noise, this was quiet enough not to disturb her which already makes this toothbrush worth its weight in gold.

Paired with two different brush head options (soft or standard) you can really tailor the product to make for the most comfortable and effective experience. I can suffer with sensitivity so the sensitive setting or the softer brush head will be better for those days. For when I want a supercharged clean feeling, I’ll go with the standard brush head with the most intense brush setting which genuinely gives you that perfectly-cleaned feeling after.

Other positives I can’t not mention include the battery life and the weight of the brush. Firstly, it is incredibly light, all my previous electric toothbrushes have been heavy to an extent which isn’t something I ever noticed until I tried something so delicate; I find it easier to clean my mouth because of this for sure. The ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush battery also lasts up to 40 cleans – that’s remarkable for me and such a game-changer. When charging, it takes 10 hours to charge from empty to full but that long life makes this a great choice over others available as I usually find I would have to charge my other electric toothbrushes at least once a week.

I have been so impressed with the ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush that Rich actually got toothbrush envy and begged me to give him mine (no way!) or to buy him his own as he thought it was such an impressive piece of technology. The ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush team then offered to send him one too which made his day. I have the lake blue colour and he has the white. True his and hers.

With that, I wanted to share Rich’s experience too. “This is my first ever electric toothbrush and will be my last, which I mean in the best way possible; I already feel such a difference from using it for a few days and know that I’ll continue to use this for the foreseeable future as my teeth and gums not only feel cleaner but look so much better too.

“After using the most intense setting, I feel like my teeth have been professionally cleaned. I definitely think this worth the money as your teeth are an investment, my only regret is not investing sooner.”

So there we have it – a couple that brushes together, stays together. Without copying too much of what Rich has said, for me this has quickly become a staple in both of our bedtime routines and whilst the price tag may scare you a little, the technology in this kit is more advanced than anything I have personally picked up from the high street. The replacement heads are £11.99 and the ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush with two brush heads is £129.99.

I am currently hosting a giveaway on my Instagram to win one too which ends 22/10/2019 – enter here for free.

Amy x

This product was sent in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own, please read my full disclaimer for more information.

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