How to get the perfect Instagram image: backgrounds

I get a lot of compliments about my Instagram pictures, and by no means is it a perfect theme and MY GOD are there a million better accounts to mine but I have learnt a trick or two about how to take better images and wanted to share these tips with you in the the hope they will also help you too. This post is going to be dedicated to image backgrounds for the perfect Instagram image so continue reading how you want to up your Instagram (and blog) imagery all for less than £5!

image backgrounds for the perfect Instagram image

white background

1. White Background

If you’re looking for a clean, fresh white background then you want white card. You can get this from local arts and crafts shops, or online if you want to bulk buy. I bought a pack of 20 a3 white card from Amazon for around £4 and it’s very high in quality which is great as some card can crease super easily which is not desired. The bigger the card, the more products you can get in the shot, I have found a4 is far too small. This is definitely the cheapest of all of the image backgrounds for the perfect Instagram image and can be brightened easier too for that crisp, white image. I usually go into Photoshop and adjust the levels, but I can share my editing techniques in a future post if you’d like to find out more about that. I’d definitely recommend this for beginners whilst you’re getting used to taking images.

Images using the white background:

Instagram inspiration

cheap marble photo background

2. Marble Background

This is one of my favourite image backgrounds for the perfect Instagram image and a blogger classic. To get this marble background, I purchased marble sticky back plastic from eBay for around £3 for a few meters and put it on a sheet of the a3 white card above. This sticky back plastic can also be bought from Wilkinsons in the UK, but my store was always out of stock! Applying it can be a little tricky so I’d recommend getting a friend to help you out. I’ve had the above background for almost 2 years and it’s still going strong. If you’re looking to achieve that luxe looking image on a budget then I’d definitely recommend this!

Images using the marble background:

cheap marble photo background

Wooden photo background

3. Wooden Background

This is a recent addition, but I think this is one of my favourite image backgrounds for the perfect Instagram image. It looks natural and elegant and gives a beautiful look to any image. This is actually a wallpaper sample I purchased off of eBay – I believe it was like 10 meters for £2.50 or something crazy cheap like that. This particular wallpaper is quite thick which means I can use it as it is and not have to stick it to white card. It adds such a gorgeous contrast to flat lays and I think these look beautiful within an Instagram theme.

Images using the wooden background:

Wooden photo background

I hope these tips have helped you find the best image backgrounds for the perfect Instagram image, and have helped you realise how bloggers achieve their feeds of beautiful photos.

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Do you have any tips to share with others looking to improve their Instagram game? What posts would you like me to cover next? Let me know.

Amy x

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