How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Hands up if you’ve ever suffered from bags under your eyes – I know I’m not the only one. Did you know that bags under the eyes are the result of excess fluid building up in our lower eyelids? When we are young, these bags tend to be temporary, however, they can turn into permanent wrinkles if they occur too often which is a very scary thought. In today’s post, I’m focussing on ways to reduce or cover under-eye bags so you don’t have to worry about them again!

Get more sleep

A common cause of puffy eyes is lack of sleep. This is the result of an interrupted sleep cycle – when we are asleep fluid builds up in the eyelids and is then flushed out by the end of our sleep cycle, but by waking early this cycle is never completed. Ideally, we should all be getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

Change the way you sleep

Eye bags can also occur as a result of how we sleep. Links have been found between those that sleep on their front and more prominent eye bags. This is likely due to gravity causing more fluid to build up in the eyelids. Whilst it’s not an easy habit to fix, sleeping on your back could possibly prevent bags under the eyes.

Cut out smoking

Smoking can contribute to bags under the eyes in two ways. The nicotine in cigarettes firstly disrupts our natural sleep cycle, stopping fluid in the eyes from being flushed out. It also leads to a breakdown in collagen, which helps out skin to remain firm, leading to more saggy skin. By quitting smoking, this could all be prevented.   

Use a cold compress

Eye bags can also be a form of inflammation – allergies can often trigger them and stress can also cause them to flare up. A common way to treat fresh inflammation is to use cold treatment which could include applying an ice pack, frozen vegetables or a cold flannel. This can ease the puffiness if you’re looking for short term results.

Try using retinol cream

Applying retinol cream daily can help to reduce permanent eye bags from forming, as well as reducing existing puffiness. Retinol is an important ingredient that keeps out skin firm helping to prevent wrinkles. It can also help to regenerate blood vessels, reducing dark circle around the eyes. You can find more information on retinol cream for eye bags online.

Consider cosmetic surgery

If you’ve developed permanent eyes bags that are too prominent to be treated with any skin serum, another option to consider could be cosmetic surgery. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that can help to remove eye bags that have become permanent wrinkles. There are sites online in which you can learn more about the procedure. Such treatment is best reserved for severe eye bags.

Conceal them with makeup

You may also be able to simply hide your eye bags with makeup. This could be done with concealer and foundation. Colour correctors can also be used to hide black circles or red puffiness. Just make sure to remove your makeup afterwards before going to sleep – wearing makeup to bed is bad for the skin and could be a major contributor to eye bags.

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