Holiday Haulin’

A girl and shopping is an endless love affair. I seriously wear I spend more of my time shopping than anything else, but it’s in our nature, right? So you can imagine my delight as when flying to Tenerife two and a half weeks ago I came face to face with duty free counters and shops, as well as the cheap nature of the island, I just had to pick up a few high end items that have been on my wishlist. I just couldn’t wait to share with you all my new goodies, plus I love writing haul posts (probably because I love reading them too!) so enjoy reading why it is I only have £2.16 left in my bank account until pay day – I’ll never learn.

michael kors tote bag

1. Mac Studio Careblend Pressed Powder.

mac careblend powder in light

holiday haul - mac careblend powder

This is the first thing I purchased at Gatwick as the Mac counter is right as you walk into the duty free area. Kudos to me for only buying one item though, but Rich sighed at the sight of it – boys just don’t understand! Although to be honest, I did have a massive Mac haul which you can find here just a few weeks ago so I didn’t need much else. It was the day before I went on holiday I visited my aunty and my baby cousin who recommended the Mac powders as I always got by with my cheaper alternatives from Superdrug/Boots, but she claims they are her holy grail for a flawless look so I took her recommendation and grabbed the Careblend Pressed Powder. At the time I had not heard a lot about the Careblend range, all I knew is that I matched up to the colour light (this being before the holiday, currently not been able to try it as I’m about five/six shades darker) but reviews claim it’s great for dry skin and goes well with all Mac foundations. It was over £4 cheaper than the website and was so happy to have another Mac product to add to my collection. I can’t wait to try this with my Studio Fix foundation and see if I’ve found myself the perfect face combo. Watch this space!

2. Michael Kors Leather Tote Bag.

michael kors tote bag holiday haul 2

This is definitely the most exciting of all the purchases for me. I FINALLY have the bag that I’ve been dreaming about for the past four years. Since getting the Michael Kors purse (which matches the bag – see my post about that beauty here) I really wanted to start saving for the bag. Seeing it at duty free (basically without the 20% UK tax) I must have looked at it in such a lust, that whilst eating some lunch at Pret before boarding the plane, Rich convinced me to buy it with the birthday money I had already received and paying the extra as he said I deserved it. He’s definitely a keeper. I had probably never finished a baguette quite as fast and ran over to the Harrods counter and purchased this gorgeous bag. I did make a saving without tax and although parting with such a large amount of money for a bag, I have my forever bag, and at 21 I feel like this will totally help me get my shit together as being a fully pledge adult now. I say that as I’m currently stroking it – maybe I need to work on that adult thing a little more.

3. Georgio Armani Si Perfume 100ml.

georgio armani si perfume

georgio armani si perfume holiday haul

Another item that has been on the wishlist since forever and something I definitely anticipate picking up for a long time. Before I went away I was researching how much the 100ml bottle of Georgio Armani’s infamous Si perfume would be and Boots were saying £92 with other sites and shops varying. No way of being able to justify that, I put the idea to bed. When in Tenerife, we had planned to visit Mount Teidi and despite the south of the island having the best weather, the north where the mountain is located had predicted rain which meant the tour was hit and miss everyday and we decided to stay in the south sunbathing instead. So the money saved by not going on the tour, we decided to treat ourselves. A day of shopping around the beach side lead us to a perfume shop stocking everything from Marc Jacobs to Chanel to Beyonce fragrances and so I had a little look. By working out the exchange rate, this bottle ended up equalling £48 which was a total steal in my opinion. With Rich having bought a box of tobacco to take home, he insisted that I pick it up and that way we both have something from the holiday to last us a long time. I can’t stop sniffing it and it will always remind me of being on holiday with my love, which makes for the perfect perfume in my opinion. So much love for a bottle of liquid!

So there we have it. October has definitely been a very expensive month for me and so I’m going to attempt a spending ban in November, but with Rich’s birthday and my black trainers dying a very close death, it may be easier said than done. Alongside the gifts I received for my 21st, I have items that will always remind me on this amazing month this was and I am forever grateful of how spoilt I’ve been.

Have you tried any of these items, or bought something significant lately? Be sure to let me know!

Amy x

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