Heidi is Six Months Old

If you think I’m going to start this blog post with “where has this time gone?” – you’ll be absolutely right. 6 whole months of Heidi yet it feels like yesterday when I was in the hospital room, having frequent contractions, about to meet her for the first time. I know I film monthly updates on my YouTube channel but I felt the need to commemorate such a milestone age with a blog post.

I’ll be honest, I’m chuffed she’s out of the 3-6 month funk as I adored newborn to three but found the last three months so different and much more difficult. This is down to a few things: fighting daytime naps and inability to move. On several occasions, Heidi would sleep for less than an hour from 7am to 9pm which made for a very grumpy baby. She has also wanted to move around from a very young age but hasn’t been able to and you can see it annoys her. At six months she’s having more routine naps that last a lot longer and she can roll around too plus is so close to crawling. It’s funny, with every roll I fill with pride as this total dependant newborn has developed into a moving tiny person in the blink of an eye.

Six months is also a wonderful age as we’re seeing so many personality traits: cheeky, determined, impatient, ambitious and very clingy but I really don’t mind the latter. She knows who Rich and I are and she remains her happiest of a morning. We may have some early starts but those gummy smiles make it so worth it, plus she can’t argue a case not to catch up on love island yet so we’re all winners. Still no teeth through yet, but I can definitely feel some beneath the gums.

Another fun step is weaning and we started a few weeks back as you could tell she was so ready to start exploring food. She’s had a mix of purées mainly of fruit and veg at the moment and lots of baby porridge. We’re only doing one meal a day at the moment whilst keeping it fun for her, I’ll talk more about our weaning journey on my channel soon as we introduce more foods and textures. Six months is also the time they recommend moving them into their own room, I’ve put it off as I love having her beside me but we’re going to move her over next week and I’m already feeling really emotional about it, especially as Rich works nights so I’m usually at home solo and find her snoring so reassuring but we’ve got a camera set up so I know it’ll be okay. It’s just hard to let go of another newborn element.

I’ve mentioned smiles but we’ve had lots of baby laughs, like pure, joyful giggles and it’s the best ever. 

We’re off on our first UK break with Rich’s family tomorrow too – no one told me just how much we’d need to pack and how stressful a two night stay could be to prepare for but I’m really looking forward to going and celebrating his dads birthday whilst we’re there and making lots of memories with Heidi in tow. Fingers crossed she sleeps as well in a different environment.

The last thing to mention for now is that I’m starting to plan how I will be going back to work at the end of October. I need to talk to my work about if my idea is possible but I have to say, I miss using my brain for things that aren’t bottle timings and ways to entertain a baby but I know I’ll miss spending every day with my precious girl. I really wish the government helped a bit more though with helping people return to work though but I’ll save that rant for another day. For now, I’ve still got a few months left of Netflix watching. I’m ashamed to say I’ve almost finished Line of Duty and I’ve binged that in a week and a half.

I feel like there’s so much more to mention which I’ll include in an upcoming 6 month update video as I keep writing notes of all the little things that we experience, I’d love for you to subscribe not to miss those but that’s all from me today. I’ve missed blogging but fitting in time to write and film is getting increasingly more difficult so I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to keep up.

I hope you’re all well and we’ll catch up again soon.

Amy x