15 hair and beauty uses for coconut oil

2016 has been the year of Coconut Oil. No matter where you go it’s “Coconut oil this and Coconut oil that” so I’ve been experimenting for myself on if the benefits are as true as people claim. So if you’re looking for hair and beauty uses for coconut oil, something tells me you might love this post!

hair and beauty uses for coconut oil

#1. Hair Mask – If you get a handful of melted oil and rub it into your hair, leave for 20 minutes and proceed to shampoo and conditioner as normal this will make your hair look super silky and soft. I truly believe doing this every week for the past four months has helped strengthen my hair more so than ever before.

#2. Face Mask – The same as above but apply the oil direct to your face. You could leave this on for a 20 minute time frame again however I’ve found the best results is to put it on before you go to bed and once you wake up your skin has absorbed it all and has not left a oily residue. I love this technique for hydrating my skin when it feels dry.

#3.  Deodorant – Yes you read that correct. Coconut Oil has natural antibacterial properties which makes this a fantastic odour buster. It also helps to nourish armpits and make them feel soft!

#4. Eye Makeup Remover – Taking just a tiny amount, I’ve found this to be the best remover for stubborn mascara. I just smear this all around my eyes and wash it away with a warm flannel after. Super easy but highly effective.

#5. Massage Oil – Melting this in your hands and applying to areas you’d like to massage makes for a very soft experience. Not too sure? Convince someone to give you a massage and see the benefits for yourself!

#6. Shaving Cream – No shaving cream? No problem. Coconut oil can provide a protective shield between razor and leg to prevent irritation whilst leaving your legs silky soft afterwards.

#7. Cuticle Oil – By applying this to your cuticles can help to encourage nail growth.

#8. Makeup Brush Cleaner – Stubborn stains in your makeup brushes? Use this to clean them out during a deep clean and see makeup disappear and your brushes left with a super soft finish.

#9. Lip Balm – As the winter approaches rapidly, the air becomes dry and our lips get effected. Coconut oil is an effective relief for chapped lips and acts as a fantastic preventative for dry lips.

#10. Dewy Foundation – ~Do you have a matte foundation that you want to be a little more dewy? Mix just a tiny amount of Coconut oil with it – together it makes a beautiful looking base that makes your skin glow.

#11. Highlighter – Apply this to the top of your cheeks above foundation; it makes your skin glowy in a very natural way. Of course, don’t apply powder on top as you’ll loose the wonderful effect. Not convinced? Try it for yourself!

#12. Body Scrub – If you mix melted oil with rock salt, this is fantastic to exfoliate with, offering a deep clean to your body and you’ll continue to see the benefits for days after.

#13. After Sun – We might be in November now, but this was a saving grace when I was on holiday. If you get a little burnt from the sun, Coconut oil can cool it down efficiently. The burn will melt the oil quickly, so just massage this in quickly and it will make you feel much more comfortable.

#14. Shiny Hair – Some hair serums can be packed full of silicone and can do more harm than good. Unrefined Coconut oil will give your hair a natural shine, just don’t go too heavy else your hair may look greasy!

#15. Anti-Dandruff Treatment – Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp; Coconut oil is an ideal way of helping dandruff-prone hair. Combined with essential oil like lavender and it can double up as a thickening shampoo.

There’s no such thing as a miracle product, but I’m pretty sure Coconut oil comes in close. It has taken the beauty industry by storm this year and it’s well worth it. I put off trying it at first as I hate the Coconut scent but this is odour-less! I’m always on the search for more hair and beauty uses for coconut oil.

What’s other hair and beauty uses for coconut oil would you like to add?

Amy x

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