Graduation Necessities

As this goes live I WILL BE ON  MY WAY TO MY GRADUATION. I’ll probably be freaking right out at this point which is why I’ve decided to share with you all my Graduation necessities that I have packed in preparation for the big day. I’ve travelled back to London as I’ll be graduating at The Royal Festival Hall, my family and I stayed at a hotel in Central last night and so I thought it would be lovely to show you the products I had to pack to get ready for it because I’m always curious to what others would wear and love reading similar posts.


Ardell Wispies Lashes Black / Recently, Rich and I went for a little shop and he helped me pick out my ‘graduation lashes’. That is right, he actually helped choose these and I was incredibly impressed. I love wispy lashes as for me, they look natural but add a gorgeous dramatic finish to any eye look. They also start smaller and grow in length which are my favourite type for my eye shape. They come with Duo glue which I’m not the biggest fan of so I’ll be sure to pack some spare Eyelure glue in my case. Kudos to Rich here.

Z Palette / No surprise about this one whatsoever. Makeup Geek eye shadows are quickly becoming my favourite kind and so my favourite palette is travelling all the way to London with me. I’m going to use it to define my crease and add MAC’s vanilla pigment on my lids so although I don’t need all of the colours I’m sure my little sister will want to borrow it too. I have two post about the colour within the palette here and here if you’re curious.

Hair Extensions / These hair extensions are my new real hair ones that I bought specifically for my graduation. I’ve had a lot of questions about them and so I thought I’d just mention quickly how these are form a brand called Diva who are an american brand but I found them on Amazon and ordered them right away. I’m shade #613 and these are 22″ long. I am going to be curling my hair with my trusted (and most favourite) Lee Stafford Long Tong Curling Iron and so these will end up making my hair 18″ long with dramatic curls in. These are the best quality extensions I have tried, my previous ones from them lasted 5 years. Definitely recommend!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer / Usually I opt for a moisturising primer but because I know a lot of photos are going to be taken (proud parents to blame) I’m going to be taking a silicone one along with me to ensure my skin looks incredibly smooth. I have increased my skin care routine all week from deep cleanse with my Origins face mask to nose strips and a total cleanse at night to help my skin be the best it can be, but this will help any last minute emergencies.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation / I had originally planned to get a spray tan beforehand however all of the salons in Devon are closed on a Sunday so I was going to then fake tan at home but since my dress is going to be white I got too scared and decided to embrace my pale life. I bought this foundation in my paler shade because I love the consistency it provides plus I’ve accidentally packed away my Mac Studio Fix in a box. It’s a really nice light on the skin foundation that provides a medium coverage – I want to avoid looking cake-y at all times and believe this does a good job of that.

Soap and Glory 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush / Another recent purchase. I was going to splurge on the ABH Brow Whizz but so many reviews compared that to this I felt like I should probably go with the budget option. I go in between brow pencils and my NYX brow gel but for the more natural look I prefer pencils and then coat a layer of transparent setting gel on top to keep the product in place. This is a perfect match for my fair brows and already I’m pleased I went for this one which was on offer at £6 in Boots as opposed to the £15.50 high end one by ABH.

Mac Prep and Prime Fix+ / I could not live without this. When I first got it I felt a little overwhelmed in all honesty. Once I realised it wasn’t a ‘fixing’ spray as the name may suggest but instead could act as a refreshing spray before primer, a magical mist that helps to melt powder into your skin to prevent it looking cake-y as well as a hydrating agent that prevents me from looking shiny throughout the day, I was hooked. It’s a god send.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer / I raved about this in my previous post so I won’t bore you all again too much. This is such a good light weight concealer that hides away my horrid dark circles and lasts all day – what more could you want?

MUA Pro-base Pressed Powder / Another one mentioned in my previous post. I love this stuff. For a budget powder it does a good job of setting foundation in place without looking too cake-y. I’ll be keeping this in my clutch bag during my graduation so I can top up throughout the day.

Artis Oval 7 Brush / Not pictured in the image below, but a few days ago I came back from work to a surprise parcel from Rich. I opened it up to see this beauty, I did not expect it at all. He knows absolutely nothing about makeup nor the amount of hype around this brush and so this new addition will be coming with me (and I’m probably going to save to use it for my graduation for the first time) to ensure my foundation looks absolutely flawless. It feels like velvet and I’m already in love. I’ll do a post/video all about it in due course!

Georgio Armani Si Perfume / My number one favourite perfume ever. This is my ‘special occasions’ scent and so of course it has to come with me.

There we have my graduation necessities. I rarely have big occasions like this to attend so it has been really nice preparing for it and ensuring I have products that will make me feel incredibly special. I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of pictures about it very soon on my social media. If you didn’t know too, I’ve recently set up a Snapchat for my blog so don’t forget to follow me on ‘blondeamyuk’ where you can keep up to date with me more!

What are your favourite special occasion products? Let me know in the comments below!

Amy x

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