Are you getting enough sleep?

For me, sleep is the most important thing. The amount of sleep you get can determine your mood, your energy and a range of other factors that can either enhance or compromise your performance during the following day, it can also effect the way your skin looks too. I am a huge sufferer of tired looking skin, and want nothing more to have natural radiance without having to put makeup on.

I am a preacher of the importance of sleep which is why I am really excited to be working with this post dedicated on factors that can help you get a better night sleep, and how to eliminate the bad habits you may have that without knowing it, to sleep much better in the future.

First of all, think of how much sleep you really get on an average – and be honest! Now take a look at the below infographic and compare your own sleeping habits with what it really should be. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be surprised and need to start planning ways on making changes.

How much sleep do you need

To add to these facts, I have a few tips to help you fall asleep quicker at night. There are many products that claim to help you fall asleep but for me their are three main changes I’ve made that help me relax and fall asleep better than ever before.

1. Swimming and walking can really help to use up energy to help relax at night. I live in a beautiful town and love going for long walks beside the beaches, and find this super helpful after spending all day sat down at the office, it’s really nice to get some fresh air.

2. Prepare for temperature changes in the night. I always find it tempting to wear thicker pj’s as when I get into the bed it can be a little cold, but I find wearing shorts and a vest/t-shirt prepares for the increase in temperature my body will go through in the night. There really is nothing worse than waking up too warm!

3. Stop the caffeine at a reasonable time. I am a tea-aholic, and would often drink a cup before I go to bed for the comfort, but that just negatively effected my sleeping pattern. Now I don’t have a cup of tea after 8pm, to be in bed for 10pm. If you’re like me, try it out, you’ll honestly see a difference in no time.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share than help you fall asleep quicker? Share them in the comments below, I’m excited to see how your routine compares to mine!

Amy x

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