Five happy things

For many students at Uni, summer means going home and spending a good three/four months with family and friends. My decision to rent privately with my boyfriend means this isn’t an option as we have a flat, contracts and jobs we can’t leave to then return to in preparation for my final year at Uni which begins in september. This time can often be difficult for me as I see all my fellow friends from home snapchat/instagram/update any other social network with pictures of home and it makes me crazy homesick. So, I’ve decided to write a blog post reminding me of five happy things.

1. Candles and LOTS OF THEM.
5 happy things
Summer means the candles I’ve been burning all year round have suddenly become socially acceptable – I’m talking watermelon, vanilla lime, passion fruit and mango ect. I love a sweet scent and my flat smelling as gorgeous as it does makes it really feel like my home and somewhere I love being in. My flat may be small, but it’s mine & Richards home together and he’s become a candle lover on the sly now too – win!

2. Starting the Gym.
Something that has been my new years resolution for what feels like about six years. I finally found a local gym with a swimming pool, sauna and steam room as well as amazing workout facilities. I feel so much better for becoming more active plus it is something for me to enjoy in my free time. I went to my first spin class and survived, it’d say that is an achievement!

Orange is the new black, Pretty little liars and 90210 – I don’t think I’ve EVER watched so much TV as I have been recently. I’m so hooked to all of them but only have one more episode of OITNB left and don’t know how I’ll survive waiting until season 4 plus PLL has got so intense at the moment. Nothing better than lazy evenings in front of the TV with a duvet wrapped around you. Bridget Jones eat your heart out.

4. Picnics!
five happy things
In an attempt to ignore the fact we are hundreds of miles away from the beaches we love from Devon, Rich & I have been making a point of making a picnic and visiting the different parks of London, the large ones like Hyde Park and local ones to see if we can find some hidden treasures. It’s nice to be enjoying the sunshine in new places together, I feel like we didn’t do anything like this last year plus we don’t plan on staying in London forever so we need to make the most of our time here.

5. Countdowns to future events.
htc m8 I have countdowns on my phone homescreen counting down to our holiday to Tenerife, my 21st (both being 1 day between each other!!!) and finishing Uni. Cinstantly being reminded they’re coming ever closer always make me happy when I’m having crappy days. I’m so excited for them all and what they will all bring. There is something particularly exciting that the best days of our lives are yet to happen!

I love reflecting on all things happy and just writing this post has made me incredibly grateful for everything and everybody that helps put a smile on my face when I’m feeling a little down in the dumps.


What are your five happy things? Do you have any events happening this year? Be sure to let me know!

Amy x

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