My favourite liquid eyeliner!

I wanted to write a short post today letting you all know about my favourite liquid eyeliner of all time! Liquid eyeliner is my favourite make-up product by far and if I could only keep one thing, it would certainly be the ability to add a flick to my eyes to give the illusion of them being bigger. I have tried so many different eyeliners from high end to super low end and have to say I know I have found “the one” after so long. What’s better? it costs less than £2 each and it is the best eyeliner I have ever used – stays on all day and is so precise and just perfect.

the best liquid eyeliner

The brand behind my award for ‘the perfect eyeliner’ is W7. I must admit I had not tried any of their other products myself but know that their eyeshadow palettes offer an amazing dupe for Urban Decays ‘Naked’ palettes which is of course any beauty enthusiasts dream. I bought my first W7 eyeliner whilst visiting Pitsea Market in East London and have since ordered replacements from ebay here for an entire £1.89. I have tried so many other eyeliners that promise more than this modest product but I have always reverted back to this amazing make as it helps me get precise accuracy when creating my everyday ‘cateye’ flick or a more dramatic look for a night out. The only negative remark is that the printed name of W7 wears away super quickly due to the cheapness of the print but the packaging itself is black and although does not reflect any elegance it is so practical and for me does the job. Again at £1.89 (including delivery) I’m not expecting anything that replicates NARS or MAC, and the product itself is the best I have ever used and I know I am always going to go back. The black is a rich black and when applied looks like it could be from a real high end brand. I can’t stop praising my favourite liquid eyeliner!

w7 liquid eyeliner review

In my opinion, W7 is so underrated. Can you tell I love them? Their eyeliner is so amazing and I’m definitely going to be checking out more of their makeup range as I can’t stress how amazing this eyeliner is. The tip to apply it is so thin and the product is super pigmented that it lasts me all day long. As an avid eyeliner wearer I couldn’t recommend it more. I’ve gone through three so far, each one lasts about a year and a half in my experience and I wear eyeliner every single day. Fantastic value, long lasting, highly pigmented – what more could you want?

Have you tried this eyeliner? What is your favourite liquid eyeliner?

Amy x

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