Why I’m falling in love with YouTube

Blogging is one thing that many do and can be easy to pick up, by no means am I saying it is easy to maintain, but it has never been easier for the masses to write posts because the wonderful technology we have. Kudos to the computer. However, vlogging/making videos/whatever-the-hell you want to call was always something I admired but could never imagine doing. Putting myself out there so openly? Nah uh. Or so I thought. I made it a new years resolution in 2016 to at least give it a go. I went at it expecting to hate it and never do it again, so continue reading to see why I’m falling in love with YouTube!

falling in love with YouTube

Personality: One of the biggest reasons why falling in love with YouTube: I love watching and filming YouTube videos for the fact that the persons personality is evident; who they really are and what they’re passionate about. It shows. I love people that don’t hold back and really aim to convey the same on my channel. Feeling like you know the person is the magic of YouTube and I have been inspired by so many other vloggers that I hope others feel like they can relate to what I’m saying.

Creativity: Being able to film and edit reminds me of the fun I had with the software during Sixth Form and University, but it’s much more interesting when you have a brief you love. My videos are far from perfect, I have lighting equipment I need to get to grips with, a new microphone gifted to me by someone I used to work with and I’m definitely not using my DSLR to its fullest potential. It’s a working progress but learning is exciting and so is developing an artistic skill.

Chatting: I love to CHAT! Ask any of my friends and family, I rarely shut up and it’s nice to be able to ramble about makeup and have people appreciate the addiction. I love watching chatty videos and hope you do, although I’d love suggestions on videos you’d like to work.

Expansion: I am continuously appreciative to the support I receive for my blog and so it feels natural for it to expand and why not through YouTube? I’d love you to support my channels growth if you like reading my posts because you’re all awesome and I’d love to watch your channels too and learn more about everybody.

Confidence: I lack confidence, always have and always will. YouTube pushes me to new boundaries and I hope it continuous to do so in its development. It has only just began but I already love it and hope you all do too.

Want to see my newest videos? I’d love nothing more for you to follow my channel here – you don’t have too, of course, but it would mean the world if I had your support.

Are you falling in love with YouTube as well?

Amy x

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