Eye shadow palettes I need to give more love in 2017

When your makeup collection grows, naturally you’re going to neglect a few things. For me, it’s eye shadows. I collect so many palettes but find I use the same ones almost daily, leaving others collecting dust. I thought I’d share with you my pledge to give my products more love – I’d love to hit pan on more products as I’m running out of space in my draws extremely quickly! I hope you enjoy this eye shadow palettes I need to give more love post!

Eye shadow palettes I need to give more love

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

This was one of the products that I blame blogging and YouTube for! I knew very little about makeup when I ordered this Naked palette, I just knew I had to have one. I went for the Naked 2 after researching for the most neutral at the time. I wish I had picked up the Naked 1 in all honesty, as I love warm toned shadows a lot more. That said, I’m changing my hair and cool tones will suit the new look so I’ll get a bit more use of it. It’s an expensive palette and I need to use it more. Is anyone else’s Naked palette a dust collector? I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Naked 2 palette

Z Palette ft. Makeup Geek and Benefit Shadows

I can’t believe I’m writing this; I’m so ashamed that I haven’t used these shadows as much as I could. Well, I use Shimma Shimma a lot, but the other shadows are neglected and that needs to stop! There is nothing wrong with shadows at all, I just use different palettes. I want to give these more attention and experiment with new looks too in 2017. I’m hoping to create more makeup look videos on my YouTube channel too so hopefully these will come into play there too!

makeup geek eye shadow collection

Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist Pad – Black Arts

We were all gifted this from TAM beauty on the celebration of Makeup Revolutions birthday last year. I was so excited to create looks from this palette but I’ve just not used it much at all other than the gold, shimmery shade. The pigmentation is good, not the best, but can be build up beautifully so there are no complaints. It has an amazing array of shades for all skin tones and eye colours and is in a very durable case so there really isn’t a reason why I haven’t been using this as much as I can.eye shadow palette collection

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3

This was one of the first palettes I ever bought too, as I heard it was a dupe for the Naked 3. The colours are almost identical with pigmentation and longevity that impresses. Much like the Naked 2, I just don’t gravitate to warm toned shadows on a daily basis but should get more use out of them with my new hair (which will all be revealed in a video very soon!) As you can see I have hit pan on the palest, white shade but nothing else so I’m going to ensure to use these colours more as they are beautiful!

Naked 3 dupe

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave

When this palette cam out, it sold out so quickly. I was lucky enough to get it on release and used the shadows for a few months in 2016 but then I stopped using it. I don’t know why as I stand by the fact this is one of the best drugstore releases of last year! It has a healthy mix of warm and cool toned shadows with matte and shimmers too. The shimmers are so stunning and all of the colours are so pigmented. I’d definitely recommend this palette to everyone and I’ll definitely use this more this year for both subtle, every day looks as well as dramatic ones for a night out!

makeup revolution fortune favours the brave

Eye shadow palettes I need to give more love

My eye shadow collection is growing all the time, but I think I’m going to stop buying them for a while to get more use out of the palettes I already own! It’s not that I dislike any of these palettes, I just need to show them more attention and remember what drew me to purchasing them int he first place. Eye shadows are more forgiving as they can last a lot longer than other makeup, but there is no reason to neglect the palettes I already own.

Do you have any of the same eye shadow palettes I need to give more love that you’ve also neglected? I’d love to know!

Amy x


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