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Ever since moving back to Devon I had to condense my makeup brush collection to the bare essentials. I had to condense my overflowing collection. So I thought today I’d share with you all the brushes I use on the daily; the ‘ride or die’ of my collection if you will…

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Real Techniques Concealer Brush / This is part of their Core Collection set and is a brush I have used every day since I purchased it years and years ago. This helps deliver precision to hide blemishes and carve out my eyebrows too. It’s easy to use and does an amazing job at blending your concealer as you apply it.

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Contour Brush / There are two contour brushes I use (depending on the type of contour I go for – one for lighter, one for darker) and this is the first. I’ve bee really impressed with Makeup Revolution since their launch and their makeup brushes are an amazing quality not to mention look insanely cute too. This is a really dense brush that I use to pack on contour powder before buffing it out.

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Real Techniques Bold Metals Contour Brush (301) / The second brush I love to contour with. The Makeup Revolution one is definitely a dupe of this brush at a third of the price, but these bristles are a tiny bit more flexible making it that little bit easier to blend. I use this for my lighter contour shades to help create a really natural shadow.

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Blush Brush / AnotherMUR brush I adore, plus I swear my makeup looks better when my brushes are rose gold! This is a great tool to apply a subtle blush and then it blends so naturally I couldn’t raved about this collection enough!

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Real Techniques Bold Metals Blush Brush (300) / I often keep this brush clean and use this to blend my blush and contour together to make the two appear as natural as possible. Again I feel as though the MUR brush acts as an amazing dupe for this brush, nonetheless it looks pretty on my vanity.

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Real Techniques Bold Metals Powder Brush (100) / As soon as I saw the Bold Metals collection release, I knew they would become mine eventually. This has quickly become the best powder brush in my collection as it is so fluffy and large meaning you can powder your face in one quick swipe. To hold all of the Bold Metals feel very luxe and it almost feels like velvet on the face. I did a more in depth of every brush in the range here should you want a little more information on them!

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The Vintage Company Fantail Brush / I couldn’t talk about face products without mentioning what I use to highlight with. Ever since receiving this brush, I’ve used it daily to apply powder highlight on the top of my cheekbones and it really helps to be precise and adding a natural (or disco ball) glow.

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MAC 217 / I swear everyone owns this brush and I in fact have two in my collection as I was so impressed with it at first. It makes blending really easier and is hyped like hell for good reason as it does such a good job.

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Zoeva Luxe Crease Brush / Another Dupe alert and truth be told, I much prefer this brush than the MAC 217 as the fluffier bristles blends out harsh colour instantly and with the set from Zoeva costing similar to the MAC brush I’d recommend them so much! This is part of the En Taupe collection with a full review available here.

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Eye Shadow Brush / Another rose gold brush to rave about from MUR. I love this for not only applying a colour on my lid but also to pack on product in my crease to then blend out with the above blending brushes. This is super versatile and so inexpensive, I’d recommend this to everyone!

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Zoeva Luxe Precise Shader / This is the perfect brush to apply and blend shadow under the lower lash line. Zoeva brushes are so high in quality I really do need to pick up more! I find applying just a tad of colour under my eyes makes my appear so much larger than without and this is small enough to add definition.

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Real Techniques Bold Metals Eyeshadow Brush (201) / This is not the best of all my eye makeup brushes and probably the most over rated but none the less is a brush I use mainly to apply a transition shade to at the beginning of any look. It is really fluffy and does the job well, but cost around the same as my MAC brush but doesn’t perform as well.

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Beauty Bay Angled Eyeshadow Brush / I bought this for £1 from Beauty Bay months ago on a total whim and it’s equally as good as my other blending brushes. I have so many as I clean my brushes every week meaning if I want to create a different look I need a fresh brush without product to do so. Beauty Bay brushes are high in quality and look really professional too considering the price I’d recommend you all go and pick this up!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 Brush / I can’t talk about eyes and neglect my brows now can I? This ABH brush has been my favourite for just over a year now. It is precise, it is easy and the spooly is really handy to have with the brush too. I haven’t used another eyebrow brush that compares to this since. The combination of this with my NYX eyebrow gel is my winning combo right now!

You never really realise how many brushes you use until you write about each one – but my makeup brush collection was so large before I moved to condense it to these brushes. Zoeva and MUR are my stand out brands and ones I’d recommend more than the others as their quality for the price is phenomenal!

What are your favourite brushes you use daily? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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