Essie fall 2017 collection & review

I am so excited to reveal the Essie fall 2017 collection – an array of autumnal shades, from a light nude taupe to a gorgeous duo-chrome purple that combines to make a magnificent collection that I can’t wait to share with you all! If you’re a nail varnish lover and can’t wait to see the gorgeous shades in the Essie fall 2017 collection, keep on reading!

Essie fall 2017 collection

As If Essie

As If! (Essie fall 2017 collection)

To start off with, there’s this gorgeous pale blue with a very subtle hint of red. This isn’t usually a shade that I’d wear, but it’s a fantastic transitional colour from summer to autumn when you’re not quite ready to let go of warmer days. This is a colour that also looks great with a tan (real, or fake) and helps to enhance your browner skin. To apply, this varnish is really creamy and after two layers you obtain a really great opacity. Perfection, really!

Mixtaupe Essie

Mixtaupe (Essie fall 2017 collection)

This shade has my name all over it – I love a warm toned nude with a pink shift. For me, this formula feels a little thicker than the others in the collection but this meant I could get away with doing just one coat and finish off with a top coat to seal in the colour. I have had an obsession with nude Essie shades for years, so this is a welcoming addition to my collection. I know this shade is definitely going to be the colour I wear on my toes when I go to Florida!

Knee-High Life Essie

Knee-High Life (Essie fall 2017 collection)

This is the shade in the collection that screams autumn to me the most, and I’ll certainly be wearing lipsticks to match this shade this autumn (how exciting!). This deep wine varnish is incredibly opaque upon application and I am in love. I also love that Essie polishes are so high shine; they look so professional and are so high in quality.

Saved By The Belle Essie

Saved By The Belle (Essie fall 2017 collection)

This is probably my least favourite colour from the collection as I don’t often wear pink shades on my nails, however it is another fabulous transition colour to compliment the summer ending and the fall beginning. This is a very light, ‘Barbie’ pink with a blue undertone. I build this up in two coats, and conclude with a very opaque colour. This is another shade that will positively compliment tanned skin. This shade also wore really well – I got 5 days before any chipping occurred!

Dressed To The Nineties Essie

Dressed To The Nineties (Essie fall 2017 collection)

This is another favourite from all of the new shades as it’s a gorgeous purple with blue/green shimmer that creates a fantastic duo-chrome effect after application. I’d recommend doing two thin coats, perhaps even three, to get maximum effect but don’t apply too thickly else the shimmers will cause the varnish to lift. This will look fantastic alongside autumnal fashion to add an element of fun!

Girly Grunge Essie

Girly Grunge (Essie fall 2017 collection) 

Last and certainly not least – Girly Grunge! The best way to describe this shade is a soft silver with a purple shine. Like with other shimmery shades, you need to be quick when applying this colour else you can see the trail of varnish on your nail. Use a quick stroke in a direct line and you’ll be good to go. I don’t see grunge in this shade though, but it is a great way to incorporate metallic cool colours within the autumn. If you love shimmers, you’ll love this too! Made with the iconic Essie formula, you won’t be disappointed.

And that’s it from the new six-shade collection. The focus is personalities of the 90’s and you can certainly see this from the shades, plus it’s great for me, a 90’s kid, to find fun in my nail polish that reminds me of my younger years. Choosing a favourite is increasingly difficult as it’s great to have a choice based on your mood, but what I do know if that they have really hit the nail on the head with this collection and I’d recommend them to everyone!

Do you have a favourite shade from the Essie fall 2017 collection? Let me know.

Amy x


*these products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own, read my full disclaimer for more information.

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