Empty products | June – July ’15

Another two months have passed and another empty products post for you to enjoy. I’ve really enjoyed all of the products I’m going to be talking about today and gutted I’ve run out. The summer has definitely kicked in and this empties post is definitely a reflection of how my product use reflects this. Without further ado, let me tell you my empty products from June and July.

empty products

1. Soap & Glory ‘The Righteous Butter’.

soap and glory the righteous butter

When it comes to summer, I always reach out or purchase a new body butter to ensure my skin stays hydrated and moisturised after the sun dries the life out of it. This gorgeous little pot was given to me by more boyfriends parents as part of a Christmas gift set and I had saved it until the summer. I loved it. I find Soap and Glory products really well concentrated and fantastic quality and this was no disappointment. To smell, it was gorgeous and a little went such a long way, but this did not stop me applying it every morning and night religiously until I soon ran out of product *sigh*. I’ll definitely be heading to boots to repurchase this as it has stopped my arms and legs drying out from the sun and the smell lasts so long. I love all of their shower and body range and know I won’t be able to resist other products when I stock up on this.

2. Bleach London ‘Silver Conditioner’.

bleach london silver conditioner review

The summer means keeping my hair as light and blonde as humanely possible and this conditioner has helped me maintain my white mane whilst ensuring brassiness and yellow tones stay away. The shampoo is a more condensed formula and I still have a third of that left, but the conditioner didn’t turn my hair purple and was really condensed with moisture so I was gutted to have squeezed the last bits out of this bottle. I had never used a ‘Silver Conditioner’ before and would recommend it to fellow blondies as this particular conditioner from Bleach London has kept my hair in great shape and it was so easy to comb after plus it’s great to follow any Silver Shampoo with a product that will help achieve maximum benefits.

3. Rihanna ‘Rebelle’ Perfume.

rihanna rebelle perfume review

Since starting my blog, I’ve always mentioned how I believe Rihanna perfumes are the unsung hereos of the beauty world. They smell so fresh and feminine whilst being really affordable at the same time. At around £20 from Superdrug for a 100ml perfume, this has lasted me months! It’s such a perfect summer scent and it’s my go-to for so long, my next perfume is her ‘Nude’ perfume from the same range, a gift from my mum, because she knows how much I love the smell. If you haven’t given it a whiff then I recommend you do next time you’re in Boots/Superdrug as I know you’ll fall just as in love.

4. Oz Naturals ‘Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C’.*

oz naturals hyraloric acid and vitamin c

Back to skincare and this has been amazing as a deep moisturising serum as part of my makeup removal regime. This is my last step before going to bed – after toning and cleansing my face, I place a few drops of this magic serum under my eyes especially but across most of my face to ensure it is as moisturised as possible after a day long of sunshine. It’s made my skin feel really soft and look really healthy and it’s natural ingredients is something I love from this company.

I’m surprised I haven’t gained more empty products over the past two months but then again with my summer routine having come into full effect I seem to use less products but more of them. I’ll definitely have to re-stock on some of these as they’ve been an essential part of keeping my skin and hair in top shape, especially the Body Butter by Soap & Glory.

Have you used any of these products? What are your recent empty products?

Amy x

*products marked with a * were a PR sample however all opinions are my own, click here to see my full disclaimer.
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