EMPTY PRODUCTS #4 | August ’15

Another month, another empties post! I love using up products and being able to write about how much I’ve enjoyed them. This month has seen a variety of different products finished and I know these will make for a few new favourites. I love writing these types of posts and I really hope you enjoy reading what I’ve used up this month…

august empties

1. The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter.
If you’re a regular here on Blonde Amy, you’ll know my love for the satsuma range from The Body Shop, if you don’t then basically it’s my most favourite (is that even correct english? well it is now!) it’s just so gorgeous and this body butter has lasted me just under two years and I’m gutted to have finally finished it. It has made my skin feel so soft not to mention smell amazing and I know I’ll be re-purchasing this for sure. When I go to work, one of my colleagues said “oh you smell like oranges!” and went to The Body Shop on her break to buy no entire satsuma range (no kidding!) so anyone who likes fruity smells, will love this!

2. TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor.
Again, another long lasting product that has been a major part of my haircare routine. I bought the Dumb Blonde duo at Christmas and the conditioner has only just ran out (still about 1/6th of shampoo left!) and I’m gutted. It smelled like berries and has really helped bring life back into my lifeless hair. This was my first time using TIGI products and I know I’ll be stocking up as they’re such high quality for such a reasonable price. If you’ve got damaged or dry blonde hair, these duo packs are completely for you.

3. Rihanna ‘Nude’ Perfume.
I have used an entire 100ml bottle of perfume in one month? Oh wow. I’m so shocked but nonetheless I’ve loved every spray of this. I take it everywhere! It’s such a fresh scent perfect for the summer and always seems to be on offer at Superdrug for around £20 which is amazing value for a scent I can’t stop using. I’ve already bought a new one so I’m sure that will be making an appearance on an empties post in the not-too-far future. I also love the bottle and wish I could find a way to convert it into something else so I’ll get my creative head on and see what I can use them for!

4. Creighton’s Squeaky Clean Saint or Shimmer Lotion.
My mum bought me this shower gel from Lidl a few months back and I couldn’t stop using it this month! With strobing (ahem, highlighting) being the one at the moment in the beauty world, this was perfect for adding a subtle shimmer to your skin that looked like a glow from within without spending a fortune on strobing cream or highlighters. I used it all over my body and it made my skin look much brighter when wearing a crop top and skirt during these hotter days that won’t be around for much longer. I think this was something like 2 for £3 and would recommend to anyone who loved the highlighting effect!

5. Cath Kidston Star Body Lotion.
Another shower essential in the past thirty days! I received this as part of a gift set and it smells just like the Cath Kidston candle I purchased months ago! I took this smaller bottle to the gym and it smelt so good plus was really moisturising for when I was sat in the sauna. I love anything Cath Kidston (seriously, my room in halls was like one of their showrooms) so although my boyfriend may put his foot down in my home decorations, I’ll still buy their beauty products and start placing new floral decs up around the flat and hope he doesn’t realize. Hehehe!

empty products 2015So there we go! August, you’ve been a great month for empty products and I’ve losing each and every product here today. Many of these will definitely be re-purchased as they are cant-live-without products. I cant wait to see what next months empties will be!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed using these products! Have you used any of these products? Or like the look of them after reading this post? Let me know!

Amy x

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