EMPTIES #6 | December ’15 – January ’16.

I love reading empties posts and cant believe this is my 6th whilst having my blog! I’ve seemed to have had a busy month in terms of using up products and pleased to be finally throwing them out whilst hoarding them ready for this post (making room for my Christmas pressies!).

empty products

nip + fab hyaluronic fix body gel, glad hair day, satsuma hand cream

1.Nip + Fab | Hyaluronic Fix Body Gel / I bought this back in October before I went to Tenerife in TK MAXX for £4 (total barg!) and wanted it to moisturise my skin whilst it was much dryer. I loved this, didn’t notice a massive difference compared to my usual shower gels, however I lathered my skin with this as I began to peel and it helped prevent it pretty well. It smelt amazing and I’ll be keeping out for other products by Nip + Fab as I also loved their fake tan.

2. Soap & Glory | Glad Hair Day Mini / This was in a set I got last Christmas and again took this on holiday with me and have only just finished it up as I’ve had so many shampoo and conditioners to trial I completely forgot about this. Now I have always loved S&G products from their quality to smell and would definitely buy this in its larger size once my current shampoo and conditioners finish.

3. Body Shop | Satsuma Hand Cream / Since Autumn, I’ve been obsessed with taking hand creams to work with me to keep my hands hydrated plus to make them smell amazing. I’m totally bias at Body Shop products and love them all, especially from the Satsuma range, but this hand cream worked extremely well and ended up with all my female colleagues purchasing their own. Definitely re-stocking ASAP!

oz naturals super youth cream, superdrug baby shampoo

4. Oz Naturals | Super Youth Moisturiser* / I have been loving this thick cream to moisturise my face of a morning before I apply my primer and other base products. The 2.5% retinol is great for anti-aging and is something I’ve ensured to begin to use as a preventative now I have entered my 20’s. Oz Naturals is a really great company that is created by natural products (as the name suggests) so you won’t get any nasties plus they do not test on animals.

5. Superdrug | Baby Shampoo / I’ve been loving washing my babies hair with this. By my babies, I mean my makeup brushes of course. This not only cleans the bristles effectively but helps keep them brilliantly soft and keep their shape. This means cleaning your brushes can be done for less than £1! Want to see how? Click my in-depth routine here.

auddie colour mate shampoo, aussie miracle moist conditioner, body shop satsuma shower gel

6. Aussie | Colour Mate Conditioner / With the winter being very dry on my hair, I knew Aussie would be a great choice in restoring life. I have used this previously and my coloured hair adores this conditioner and I find it’s really good and preventing split ends too which is essential in growing hair longer. Definite recommendation from the high street/drugstore as it’s incredibly affordable, often on a promotion.

7. Aussie | Moisture Moist Conditioner / I know I have used a large one too, but I’ve been taking this mini Aussie conditioner to the gym with me after a workout and love how hydrating it is to my hair. My mum bought me loads of mini versions of this conditioner and I’ve been getting through them like no-ones business.

8. Body Shop | Satsuma Shower Gel / I told you I had an obsession with the Body Shop’s Satsuma range. This shower gel has helped make any shower extremely refreshing. If you have not smelt this range – trust me, you will love it if you love fresh and fruity scents.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed reflecting on my used up products. My spending ban has already began and so expect a lot more empty posts as I use up much more products in my collection.

Amy x

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