EGOsketch phone case review

Hands up if, like me, you’re a phone case addict. I admit it, I have almost a drawer full, but always seem to use the same one. Am I the only one? To let old habits die, EGOsketch got in touch to see if I wanted to try out their affordable phone cases. The inner addict at me jumped at the chance, and when I saw this gorgeous marble option available, I think I died and went to phone case heaven. If you’re interested to see my EGOsketch review on how I honestly rate the case, and details about the quality, this post if for you.

EGOsketch review

If you’ve fallen in love with this EGOsketch case, I don’t blame you. This was one of their template patterns, however you can actually upload a photo of your choice to be printed on a phone case to fit a HUGE spectrum of phone – iPhone, Samsung, LG and more! Starting at a very modest £7.99 as well, they’re very competitively priced which means you’ll never have to compromise on a particular style again!

I used to work in a phone shop just over a year ago, and I know just how much phone cases are made for (very little) and the sold for (very high) making the shop a huge margin, EGOsketch keep costs low, and makes personalisation so easy.

EGOsketch phone case

The problem is, there are so many different places online you can get cheap phone cases for, and by the time they arrive you question their quality. We’ve all been there where we’ve ordered a 99p case from eBay, it arrives just shy of a month later, and it looks crap for lack of a better word. The print quality of this case however is incredible; is has a silky matte finish and you can’t see the pixels of the image (of course, if you upload a low quality image, you may have this issue) which I have found in other cases I have ordered. Not only that, the contrast of the print is super amazing, which is always a sign of a high quality printer.

marble phone case

If you fear shipping time due to the infamous ‘eBay experience’ – have no fear. My EGOsketch case arrived in two working days. The shipping was super quick, and it arrived well packaged to prevent any damage in transit (again I could go on about previous experiences where I’ve opened a phone case to find it broken in two).

I believe all phones should have a case, no matter how old or cheap the phone is, a case provides so much protection and cautious not to make my phone shop retail experience get the better of me, you really shouldn’t buy an expensive phone and not add protection. You’re crazy!

I’d highly recommend checking out the range of personalised cases on the EGOsketch website; I know they’re becoming my go-to hub for when I need a new phone case. I’ve even got my dad ordering one from them for when he gets his new Samsung!

Have you ever tried a case fro EGOsketch before? Which types of cases are your favourite? Let me know!

Amy x

*this product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own, read my disclaimer for more information.

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