Edgy Hair Shears to Reflect Your Personality

The look and feel of every hairstyle if a reflection of an individuals personality but have you ever thought about the tools needed to create your perfect look? Today’s post is going to be talking to those in the hair industry about tools needed to ensure a clients hairstyle is always achieved with immaculate results.

As a hairstylist, your tools are a reflection of your style and by extension yourself. Your tools are the first impression you give your client. While edgy isn’t for the faint of heart, it is bold, confident, sultry with a touch of cool class that affords you an advertisement even before you begin to speak.

At Scissor Tech USA, they have professional hairdressing scissors to suit those eclectic tastes. Here are a few reasons why you should not be afraid to shop your edgy shears at Scissor Tech USA.

It’s a Great Way to Stand out from the Competition! 

The beauty industry often has multiple people offering the same type of services, in fact in my town there are more hairdressers than there are takeaways. Building your customer base, of course, is dependent on the quality of work you do and the legacy you create. What better way to improve the quality of your work than getting shears that are not only suited for cutting and thinning hair but also suited to your style?

Your tools will be top of the line quality, sacrificing nothing in terms of ergonomic ability while maintaining the suaveness and style that you are used to.

 You don’t have to compromise between style and quality to stand out. From the very first moment your client walks in, Scissor Tech USA not only guarantees to impress your clients with your style but also impress them by the way you handle your shears 

There’s Variety

Edgy Shears come in different shapes and sizes as suited to your needs. If you’re more into the ergonomic look, they have multiple options that would appeal to you from thumb swivel shears to finger inserts.

Style and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. At Scissor Tech USA, they understand that. Shears also come in a variety of designs from punk themed cross, spikes and chains, to black or dark coloured shears and thinning shears. There are gold solver, titanium, platinum and black titanium shears that come in shapes like bones, skulls, snakes etc so you don’t have to stick to the same old silver scissors you see everyone else have – you can stand out which is pretty neat and something my hairdressing friends would love!

We have shears in the shapes and sizes to please your edgy adventurous style. They know what works for you and have gathered a variety of standout shears made of the best quality steel alloys ranging up to VG-10 in quality. so professional quality isn’t compromised.

Flexible Prices

What’s more? Their products are affordably priced, depending on the quality of steel you need. From products with a Rockwell rating of 56 and above, we make sure your shears and thinning shears do it all.

There’s no need to sacrifice style for quality because at Scissor Tech USA, they make shears that suit not only your style but also your pocket.

All their shears come in a variety of handles and blade length as well as different levels of quality so the price range is just as vast.

Something for Everyone

It goes without saying that edgy beauty shears and thinning shears aren’t for everyone. Some people like to use normal tools and that’s completely fine because, at Scissor Tech USA, they cater to both kinds of needs.

Why stop at personal decorations of your living space or the way you dress? Doing something that you love while using creatively crafted instruments is exactly what you need to push your creativity over the edge and show your clients your personality whilst remaining professional – the best of both worlds.

It’s not just edgy beauty shears available at Scissor Tech USA, they also have thinning shears and matching sets of both thinning shears and beauty shears for you to choose from. Their beauty shears and thinning shears are of top quality and will be delivered directly to your door guaranteed.

If you’re still unsure if their tools are right for you and your needs then you can have a trial with them so you can see if they’re a match. They are extremely passionate about providing taste to your tools so you can have tools that match your outfit and emotions for the day which is definitely unique for the industry and can help market your branding over the competition.

With so many designs and options to choose from, what type of edgy shears reflect your personality? Feel free to browse their website to see the options available for purchase that can be delivered to your door!

Which design is your favourite? I’d love to know.

Amy x

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