Eco-friendly Christmas Shopping

‘Tis the season to begin Christmas shopping, stockpiling festive treats for when eating chocolate for breakfast is an expectation and going out with work colleagues and friends to celebrate good tidings. Going about our daily lives with increased happiness and joy in the air is just as important as looking after the environment even when the holidays begin. I’m going to be sharing tips on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas this year as it’s so important to make even the littlest of changes to help make a big impact.

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This post is in collaboration with Liverpool ONE.

Liverpool ONE has created a really handy e-book for you to download for free to learn how their facilities are taking steps to be more eco-friendly. Click here to download the e-book.

Their handy guide is a worthwhile read for locals to Liverpool ONE and those wanting to become more sustainable. If David Attenborough has taught us anything is that only we can make the changes to help preserve the environment and it’s extremely impressive to see changes being made in retail experiences. Whether you’re looking to tuck into tasty vegan food, Liverpool ONE boasts some fantastic eateries. Reducing meat consumption may not be for all but reducing the amount of meat you eat can be a great start. I personally could never give up roast turkey on Christmas Day however I do try and order meat-free dishes when dining out to reduce my carbon footprint.

I’ve seen sustainable gift buying become more popular this year which is fantastic, Liverpool ONE is no exception. From plastic-free children’s toys to reusable coffee travel mugs, eco-friendly presents should definitely be a consideration for all at this time of year.

A personal favourite of mine is retailers sustainability schemes where you can recycle clothes or trade-in older technology, retailers give customers an incentive usually in forms of shop vouchers or cash and waste is reduced as the products are either re-sold as used or recycled to form new clothing materials.

Furthermore, the fantastic e-book shares ways to be more conscious of the way you are travelling in order to shop. From car-sharing to public transport, Liverpool ONE is easily accessible from bus and train so you can shop at over 300 shops there knowing you’ve done your bit to help the environment this year.

Whilst you’re in Liverpool, the city is bursting with festive surprises. At the Everyman Theatre, you can watch the panto Rock ‘n’ Roll which is sure to get you laughing your socks off and definitely get you in the spirit for yule tidings. Or if you’re looking for something opposite to your classic Christmas days out, head on over to Sefton Park Palm House where they are having a tropical Christmas, because even Santa deserves a warm getaway. Liverpool really transforms this time of year and being mindful about how you enjoy the festive countdown in a more eco-friendly way is so important.

How have you made eco-friendly changes this year? Let me know.


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