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So, my spending ban this month has totally failed. I’m not even ashamed by how rubbish I am not spending more money on even more makeup, but have you been on the Makeup Revolution website recently? I dare you to and not add a single thing to your basket. However, I technically saved a hella’ lot of money with this shop in what I’m calling a total Dupe Haul. I’ll explain exactly what I mean as I talk about eat of the products that found their way into my makeup collection. Every single product is a dupe from another brand with such a high quality finish and pigmentation to all products, if you haven’t tried Makeup Revolution, you’ll certainly want too now.

makeup revolution rose gold brushes

1.Rose Gold Ultra Metals Brushes.makeup revolution metal brushes

Anyone who deny’s their uncanny similarity to the Real Techniques Bold Metal range would be delirious yet my love for an entire rose gold collection of make-up brushes got the better of me and I quickly snapped these up without hesitation. Having read review online about the quality of their synthetic hairs, I couldn’t resist. Buying the set collectively produced a saving of £10 exclusively on their website and 5 gorgeous brushes for £34.95 wasn’t bad, plus you can get 20% off all orders when signing up to their email alerts – well worth it. My first impressions of the bristles are super soft and fantastic considering the price. I’ve only tried the contour brush (as they’re all too pretty and I didn’t want to use them) and it’s the perfect density, totally becoming my go-to for a sharp cheek contour, sorry Real Techniques Sculpting brush. If you’re unsure whether to get them – my advice is JUST DO IT! You won’t be dissapointed.

2. Lip Laquer in Rebel / 3. Lip Liner in Vamp.makeup revolution liquid laquer lip liner

Next up are two new lip products. I have yet to get a signature lipstick for autumn/winter and thought I would add their lip laquer in Rebel to my basket on a total whim. I had heard from several sources it was comparable to Mac’s Rebel which I know suits so many skin types and is a staple during this season and so I thought I would try it out for the sake of £2.40 (with my 20% off code applied). If you’ve seen my Instagram you’ll know I’m totally obsessed and never actually loved a lip colour just as much as this. A gorgeous berry shade, matte finish and stays on even throughout meals and application is so precise you don’t even need a lip pencil. I’m 100% ordering every colour of the Lip Laquer collection as I’m that impressed. The lip liner I picked up is in the colour Vamp and is a dark purple colour, I thought with the winter season I’ll become a lot more brave with the colours I wear on the lips so this will be great in lining a darker colour or creating an ombre look. It was genuinely £1 (so 80p) and even has a sharpener on the top to keep it sharp. How amazing? Well worth adding lots to the collection.

4. Brow Arch and Shape.makeup revolution arch and shape archery dupe

I mentioned on Instagram before I went on holiday I managed to pick one of these up in my local Superdrug and it’s a total dupe of Soap and Glory’s Archery and in my opinion, is EXACTLY the same. Like, serious. At £3.50, you save £6.50 and the colour and quality is so comparable. I messed my pen side up on holiday with suncream which dried out the tip, so I decided to pick another one up in my haul. On first impressions, I can’t say this will replace my love for my Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills, but for quick application and natural finish you can’t go wrong with this. I got mine in the colour Fair, but Medium and Dark are also available (the Fair is a total match for S&G’s ‘Love is Blonde’)

5. Ultra Contour Kit.makeup revolution contour kit

Speaking of Anastasia Beverly Hills, can you see this total dupe? Her contour kit has a double, and it’s just as beautiful. Instead of £35, this is £8. The pans of powder are smaller than the ABH palette but does come with two additional highlight shades which are just stunning. Oh so much love for the contour game and this will make it so much easier to define the cheeks. I’m so excited to try the banana coloured shade for under the eyes. I was thinking of doing a full review of this once I’ve used it for a few weeks so keep an eye out as I have a feeling this is going to become a part of my everyday routine. They also have a cream contour kit that I was thinking of picking up, so if you have any experience with it, be sure to let me know in the comments.

6. Pro Fix Setting Spray.makeup revolution fixing spray review

I just had to pick this up after the flood of praise this has had from beauty bloggers and vloggers alike. A dupe from Urban Decay’s setting spray, this little guy promises to keep makeup in place all day (and night) by just a spritz once your makeup routine is completed. For £5, for a 100ml bottle (think same as Mac’s Prep and Prime bottle) it was a total steal and I can’t wait to try it out and see if I notice a difference in how long my makeup stays in place.

So there we have it. I am so impressed with everything so far and can’t wait to have a play around with all of the products. The rave for Makeup Revolution is so worthwhile, products are so affordable and their quality is incredible, my only regret is not picking up more products – but I’m sure it won’t be long.

Have you tried any of these products or would like to see a more in-depth review of any of the above? Let me know!

Amy x

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  • The Ultra Contour Kit looks gorgeous : ) I have the Ultra Blush palette and use it daily so I’ll have to look into the contour kit. Great post and lovely photos xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • admin

      It’s an amazing palette you need to try it for sure! Thanks so much for your lovely comments X

  • Amy

    I’m really keen to try the brushes as they’re much more affordable than the similar brushes from Real Techniques – I did actually buy one of the RT Bold Metals brushes but hate it, hopefully these will be more impressive x

    Amy | http://www.thebeautypost.co.uk

    • admin

      I love these brushes the quality is outstanding I can guarentee you will be impressed, what was wrong with the RT ones? X

  • I keep hearing about Makeup Revolution – and this has actually convinced to make a purchase (on pay day!) – that palette is amazing! x http://www.ladywritesblog.com

  • Kim

    I am such a huge Makeup Revolution fan, their dupes are the best! I love their chocolate bar series, SO good! XO -Kim

    • admin

      Actually never tried them, are they good? I’m eyeing up their flawless matte palette for christmas… I just love their dupes! X

  • Ahhhh I love Makeup Revolution so much, I’m gonna go buy their brushes right now. I’ve never used a fixing spray for my make-up so might invest in that too!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

    • admin

      Given it a good go and ITS AMAAAZIIIINNNNGGGG! X

  • Lovely haul! I love Makeup Revolution!

  • The rose gold brushes are everything!
    Jabeen x

    • admin

      Aren’t they beautiful? X

  • Those brushes look identical to RT, I wouldn’t have known otherwise! I haven’t tried their lip laquers yet, love that shade though! I got the blush palette and love it, really want to try out the contour one xx

    Tamz || http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    • admin

      I’ve recently purchased the cream one too as I LOVE THE POWDER CONTOUR PALETTE! Seriously it’s amazing both looks, pigmentation and lost lasting! These brushes are not only beautiful but again also amazing quality, couldn’t recommend enough! X

  • Your finds are absolutely amazing,I love rose gold brushes,and those literally had me fooled for the Real Technique brushes!And they work amazing too?!Oh yes.But the only thing that makes me sad,I don’t see US dollars so are these in the US as well?Sad face indeed haha(:


  • I have their shine control spray and absolutely love it! Makeup Rev are my favorite there so affordable and great quality! Xx


  • Firstly I didn’t realise that this post was uploaded months ago but it is still very relevant. I love seeing review and opinion posts as they’re often on brands I’ve already looked into but not been 100% about buying. Your buys look great and I might have to put myself in an order in a few weeks 🙂

  • I was stood looking at Makeup Revolution in Superdrug for ages the other week, but usually everything is almost all sold out. Like an idiot I didn’t even realise I could buy directly from them online, so many things I want!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

  • Jut realised this is an old post but I was lured in by those beautiful brushes. I adore Makeup Revolution – their eyeshadows are just dreamy. Didn’t realise they did brushes though so I will definitely need to have a look! xo