10 Ways To Double Your Instagram Followers!

how to double your instagram followers quickly

As much as I love Twitter and less so much, Facebook, Instagram has quickly become my favourite social media site probably because I’m all about visuals so today I’m talking my 10 ways to double your instagram followers quickly through small changes. These tips have worked for me and I have decided to let you all know my tips and tricks to gain more followers. Of all social media, I think this is the hardest to build a larger following for, but I hope my tips and tricks help you as much as they did me!

#1 ) Consistency is key.
My tip is to post at least once per day, I often aim to post twice daily at key times – around 9am (when many people are commuting to work/waking up ect) and 5pm (when people will be coming home from work/already finished work/more likely to look at their phone). Again like any other social media platform – the more you post, the more people will see your posts, thus, the more followers you gain. Of course this is easy to write down and it took me a while to get used to posting so frequently (before being concious about how posting affects my followers) and would only post 2/3 times a week, so it will take a while, but it will make a difference – I promise!

#2) Composition consideration.
You don’t have to have a degree in Photography to make a photograph engaging. All you need is a background, a few props and careful positioning. If you don’t know anything, google the rule of thirds, this controls where your audiences attention gets directed and makes imagery much more interesting. Give it a go!

#3) Use appropriate hashtags.
Hashtags are going to get your images noticed. Use hashtags for all products in the image, anything your wearing or where you are located. I aalways use hastags to see true swatches of products or to get fashion inspiration so be sure to use hashtags well.

#4) Geo-tag your images.
I never ever thought to do this, but my sister recommended doing so and have found I get more likes/followers because of this. For example if I’m at home I geo-tag myself in London, if it’s of a product I will geo-tag the shop or if I’m travelling the place I am at. This adds an additional forum for your images to appear and you’d be surprised how this can affect your images popularity.

#5) Have a theme.
Now many people will shudder at even the prospect of curating a theme for a platform that should be spontaneous but it doesn’t have to limit you at all. For example, I post one image with a white background then the other with more colour – that really is it, it makes your feed look much more organised and makes me enjoy using it even more.

gain instagram followers quickly

#6) Editing is essential.
There are two ways I edit my images – one is that I will take them for my DSLR and edit them on Photoshop (these are often taken when I take blog photos) and then increase the brightness/contrast on Instagram or I’ll take the image using my iPhone 6s Plus and then use Afterlight/Snapseed to edit the image – I often increase the brightness, increase the contrast and ensure the background is white (so colour correct/tone). I often don’t need to re-edit them on Instagram but sometimes I do make slight final alterations. For me, the brighter the better. It is proven the brighter a feed the more appeal it has.

#7) Make yourself a brand.
My instagram username used to be my first and last name together but because I did not want to have an Instagram for personal and for my blog (because I like how the mix makes it much more personal!) I changed it to ‘blondeamy’ and it has made the world of difference in ensuring consistency on all of my social media platforms. Say you find a blog you love and want to see if they have an Instagram account? The first thing you’re going to do is search for their name and if they don’t show up on the search results you’ll be kinda gutted, so imagine being the blogger in that situation. This is going to get your followers up much quicker without you having to do much at all.

#8) Be Sociable
This is really important! I must like/comment on so many blogs daily and it has again made such a difference in my follow count. Getting involved with peoples feeds that have a similar interest/theme to your own will encourage them to interact/follow you. Not only that, if someone has reviewed a product you have too, mention you too as people will be interested to see if your opinions differ. Again, if you have reviewed a product and the brand itself shares an image of it, why not comment on it saying how you got on and an in-depth review is available on your blog – this will encourage people to follow you as you have the same interests but will bring traffic to your blog – win, win.

#9) Tag brands in your images.
This is one I again never done before but it’s been amazing. If I do a flat lay/OOTD/MOTD, I’m sure to tag EVERY brand in the image as it will notify the brand you have uploaded an image relating to their product. From this, I have had brands regramming my photos which has again caused my following to increase.

#10) Analyse what is working and what is not.
Monitoring your Instagram is just like being a curator to your very own Photographers gallery. Once you’ve posted a few images with these new considerations, analyse what is working and what is not. If you want more followers, you have to cater (slightly) to their interests. If they’re following you for your beauty interests, they will be more popular than others, so consider posting more in this category. Don’t let this limit what you want to post, just make sure they link in some way such as editing consistency – keep them just as bright as your others.

double your instagram followers quickly

So there we have my top 10 tips on how to gain followers on Instagram extremely quickly. These have all worked for me really well and has caused my Instragram followers to double in a very short space of time with them growing daily, I’d really recommend you giving them a try. I am loving Instagram lately and it provides a great source of traffic to my blog.

Has any of these worked for you or do you have any top tips to add? Let me know!

Amy x

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