Turning Old Candles Into Wax Melts!

Now it’s no secret I’m a massive candle addict, but when I spend around £20 on a large jar yankee candle for the wick to burn out but lots of wax to remain in the jar is something that often frustrated me. After becoming obsessed with wax melts recently, I decided to turn my left over wax into melts in order to re-use them so I didn’t have to waste my much loved candles. After writing about my DIY project on Twitter, you wonderful lot requested I write a post on my steps on creating your own melts so I hope you enjoy following my steps and get your creative onnnn!

You will need:

  1. Old candle jars.
  2. Cupcake cases.
  3. Kettle.
  4. Saucepan.

turn old candles into wax melts

Step 1:

Fill your kettle up and boil the water.

turn old candles into wax melts

Step 2:

Place boiled water into a saucepan on a medium heat, continue to boil until the water is bubbling.

how to make your own wax melts

Step 3:

Hold jar over the boiling pan. Be sure to wear gloves or use a tea towel to hold the jar as it can get quite hot. Do not simply put the jar in the saucepan and leave it to melt as the glass can smash in the pan or melt into the bottom of the pan.

create your own wax melts at home

Step 4:

Continue to hold until the wax in the jar has completely melted.

create wax melts at home

Step 5:

Now pour melted wax into cupcake cases. Again be careful as the glass can be really hot.

making wax melts at home

Step 6:

Continue with the process with as many old candles you have. Then leave to set for around an hour and voila! DIY wax melts from old candles you would have only threw away!

DIY wax meltws

The steps to creating your own wax melts are as simple as that! It’s such a great way to ensure you don’t have to waste any of your favourite candles as I always found this such a negative of the larger jars of candles despite the supplier but now I can continue to love my jars and then continue to love them as melts. I made five melts out of my two candles remaining which would cost about £8 in total at Yankee Candle so its well worth doing if you’re a candle obsessive like me!

Be sure to try it out and show me your DIY melts by tweeting me at @BlondeAmyBlog  – happy making guys!

Amy x

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