Covershoot Cosmetics blogger box

Covershoot Cosmetics blogger box? Oh hey. This is right up my street and I love trying out new beauty products from high end launches to affordable ranges. Covershoot cosmetics are a brand that can be found in retailers such as Poundland and Savers here in the UK starting from as little as £1. The Covershoot Cosmetics blogger box includes a range of different products within their beauty line and so I thought it would be great to show you all the products and my first impressions!

Covershoot Cosmetics blogger box

covershoot cosmetics beauty box

covershoot cosmetics eyebrow palette

1. Eyebrow Palette

This palette contains three eyebrow powders: Black, Brown and Beige as well as a clear priming gel. For me however these are too dark for my fair brows therefore I’ll be gifting it to be bolder, darker brow friends. However, despite this not being appropriate for blonder girls, the powders are incredibly pigmented and very creamy. I don’t reach for brow powders at all however they’ve made me more curious to try them again (flashback to thirteen year old me that tried to fill in my brows and ended up looking evil – maybe not).

Affordable green eye shadow palette

2. Green-toned Eyeshadow Palette

I was actually looking out for a dark green palette for the winter to enhance my green eyes, especially to put below the waterline to make your eyes pop, so I was delighted to see this in the Covershoot Cosmetics blogger box. I like that this gives an opportunity to try new colours without a total splurge. This is incredibly affordable and is actually surprisingly pigmented. I won’t use the applicator provided and I’ll use an existing brush but who doesn’t have far too many eye brushes in their collection? this palette will offer a complete eye look – I’m very impressed with this and would definitely recommend.

covershoot cosmetics contour palette

covershoot cosmetics contour palette swatches

3. Contour Palette

Affordable cream contour palette from the high street? I’m curious. I always worry however about contour kits as their often either too dark or too warm for my very pale skin. I found this was quite the opposite; a beautiful combination of neutral tones perfect for creating shape to the face. The cream is actually very soft and blendable, not surprised from such a cheap brand (note: cheap is not negative, it’s a note of the price point). If you’re on the market to try a new contour palette, I’d recommend trying this out.

covershoot cosmetics nail varnish remover twist post

4. Nail Polish Remover Twist Pot

I’ve seen twist pot nail polish removers all over the place yet had never tried them before? I had used this when it arrived as I wanted to see if it really did work. It did. I dipped my finger in the pot and like magic it removed an entire nail of polish effortlessly. It doesn’t smell particularly nice but nail varnish remover never does really. Acetone in products is also not for everybody as it can be harsh on nails but for just a few quid, I’d say this works exactly as you’d imagine and I was happy to see it in the Covershoot Cosmetics blogger box.

halloween eyeshadow palette

5. Neon Eye shadow Palette

Initially this scared me. 99% of my eye shadows are warm neutral browns, I’ve certainly never owned a bright yellow pan before in my life so this is something new in my collection. Halloween is just around the corner and this made me think about make up looks for the event. This is never something I’d wear on the daily, but it’s great to have in my collection as and when I need it. If you have a fancy dress idea coming up, perhaps this could be the best eye shadow palette for you!

You couldn’t really have a more random beauty box, could you? All of these products are incredibly affordable but surprising very good in quality. It proves that you can’t judge a product before trying it out. Usually, I wouldn’t pick this up if I saw it in store. That said, it has made me re-evaluate checking out affordable brands that are often ignored or do not get the exposure they deserve.

Have you ever seen or tried products from Covershoot cosmetics? I’d love to know your thoughts on the Covershoot Cosmetics blogger box!

Amy x

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