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You all know and love the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but have you ever considered trying one of their foundations? When I ran out of my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix a few weeks ago when in Devon I went into Superdrug to pick it up, however without my shade in stock I decided to try something new. I was going to pick up the Lasting Perfection concealer but when I saw this foundation on offer for £2.99 I was curious and picked it up to try out. Be sure to continue reading to see my verdict…

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Although I purchased this on an offer, the standard price is only £3.99 which is definitely one of the cheapest foundations I have ever purchased and therefore I had very little hopes to be honest. That said, I picked it up on the basis I was very impressed with the swatch in store; the shade Ivory 2 was a great match for my skin and the coverage seemed definitely medium/build-able. I love the tube too, so it’s not a pump you just squeeze the product you need and I really wish more brands used this type of packaging.When testing it out properly the next day I did find it had a very subtle orange tone in the colour, not something that was terrible but I’d definitely recommend swatching before you buy it to test it out on your specific skin tone. It went on very easily and I was very impressed with the consistency; not too runny and not too thick. I found it blended flawlessly with a beauty blender but required a little more work with a stippling brush. I used this over my Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Face Primer and the finish was incredibly smooth and it resemble a higher priced foundation. I of course tested it throughout the day on several occasions and all provided me with the same result. It did last an amazing six hours  without needed a re-touch (which itself is pretty fantastic considering the price) however it did make me a little oily around my cheeks and forehead, even more so than I get normally and that was definitely my biggest disappointment with the product and therefore I wouldn’t recommend it if you do suffer from oily skin however if you have normal or dry skin this is a budget foundation well worth trying out as I’m confident you’ll be impressed for your money.

In shortthis is fantastic foundation for less than £4, it wears extremely well and will last all day. The Colour Match qualities are to be questioned however, they do have six shades to choose from. I would always recommend you swatch them in store before purchasing and avoid if you’re oily as it exaggerated my oily areas incredibly but all in all a great foundation for a great price and it’s not always about needing to spend a lot to get something amazing in return.

Have you ever tried any of the Collection foundations? Which would you recommend?

Amy x

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