15 confessions of a makeup addict

I am a makeup addict, I’ll admit. I spend a lot more money on makeup products that I probably should with many new additions to my collection providing only subtle changes to the previous. I was justifying a new eyebrow pencil that arrived in the mail the other day to Rich and he said I should write a post about all the ridiculous excuses I make to justify each product, so here it is. I can’t be the only one? Read on to see the confessions of a makeup addict!confessions of a makeup addict

  1. Every day is a tough decision. Do I want a dewy look or a matte finish? Do I want a statement lip colour or to keep it nude? A brown in the crease or to go for a statement colour on my lids? Eyebrows to look natural or sculpted? One thing is for sure, our makeup ends up looking pretty similar every single day, no matter what we do.
  2. Looking at your collection fills you with happiness and then a feeling of devastation – think of the amount of holidays you could have gone on instead of draws full of foundation.
  3. Trying to save money is impossible when popular YouTuber’s rave about a random product that you obviously need and Urban Decay release a new palette. My collection can’t remain incomplete you see.
  4. You are convinced every purchase is a necessity and won’t end up in the back of one of your draws.
  5. Window shopping in any store that sells makeup is rude and so you have to buy at least something (obviously).
  6. Nothing really beats the feeling of a fresh eye shadow palette, regardless of if you only wear medium, warm browns on your lids.
  7. Yes you may own almost 50 nude lipsticks with a pink undertone, but I bet you can talk your way through why each one is clearly different to the rest.
  8. Secretly being pleased the UK doesn’t have a Sephora because it’ll probably bankrupt us in 0.25 seconds.
  9. Spending far more than you’d like to admit on a limited edition MAC collection because it’s not going to be around forever – duh.
  10. “I could spend my money on worse things” often comes out of your mouth after someone sees the invoice of a recent shipment.
  11. That said, you try to hide away any new packages that have arrived in the post before you get judged for receiving “yet another makeup delivery”.
  12. Your social media following is full of makeup artists, YouTubers and other enthusiasts who you feel like you can relate too on a spiritual level; full of swatches and flat lays.
  13. If you go into a shop and your hand doesn’t come out looking like a lipstick canvas from all the swatches, are you really into makeup?
  14. You monitor your time at work by what you can buy in makeup – “Doing overtime tonight will mean the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette won’t cost me anything”.
  15. When you hear the word ‘naked’ you immediately think of which palette it is rather than the idea of sexting and ‘orgasm’ is a famous blush, rather than sexual stimulation.

I hope other makeup addicts can relate to these feelings as they are so incredibly real. For those that don’t understand how much joy makeup brings will frown at your collection and call you an idiot for spending the best part of £50 on an eye shadow palette but to hell with them. We get it and that is all that matters. What confessions of a makeup addict do you have to add?

Amy x

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