Christmas makeup you need this year

Christmas is only a few days away and my excitement for the day is unreal. Last year I read a lot of posts about ‘Christmas makeup you need this year’ and I couldn’t wait to write my own! If you’re looking for the perfect makeup combination for Christmas, keep on reading…

Christmas makeup you need this year

Christmas base makeup

Base Products you need for Christmas:

I’ve found with the increase of crappy food that is flowing in my house, my skin gets seriously oily and for that reason I haven’t been using a primer – many emphasise the oil so I’m yet to find the perfect one that helps to keep it at bay. Any suggestions?

For my foundation is all about making my skin look as matte as possible and it’s the MAC Studio fix fluid foundation that is my go to product. It’s a fail safe product – I know I’m going to get a long lasting finish that makes my skcNin look amazing. It’s one of those products I couldn’t live without in the winter and with it being so full coverage, I don’t need to layer this up with concealer and powder which prevents it looking cakey.

To set this I love using the Urban Decay oil control setting spray. I can’t say it prevent me from getting oily throughout the day but it certainly does help to make the finish of my foundation look more natural and probably helps oil in some way but on a 8 hour day, it’s not a product that performs miracles but is a good choice if you only get a few oily patches.

I can’t get enough of the Makeup Revolution shimmer brick in December. It combines the depth of a bronzer with the shimmer of a highlighter for an all-in-one glow. I can see some people disregarding this for a matte bronzer, but I urge you to try it out, like me you could find a new favourite to contrast the matte base and make your makeup look beautiful.

Christmas eye makeup Eye products I couldn’t rave more about this year:

I know I keep mentioning the Too Faced chocolate bar palette non-stop on my blog and on my channel, but you best get used to it, as I’m not stopping yet! I am obsessed with the warm shades this provides and it’s a palette that I’ll keep using throughout the year. I love having the gold shade all over my lid during the holidays – it looks so festive, I love it! The pigmentation of these shadows blow so many palettes out of the water, too.

Another palette you need for Christmas is the MAC x 9 burgundy palette. I’m guilty of not using this as much as I could throughout the year but the red tones are ideal for Christmas and help to create a smokey eye with a difference.

Who else agrees that winter encourages bold and voluminous lashes? The Benefit They’re Real mascara is another favourite I can’t rave about more. Am I cool enough to say it’s a “ride or die?”… perhaps not. Big lashes with extreme volume are guaranteed with this miracle product. I sometimes use this on an angled brush as eyeliner and it never smudges and stays on all day.

Now the W7 liquid eyeliner remains a favourite for another year! I think it’s been almost 9 years of using this product and I love it just the same as before. Precision in your winged liner is so easy with the applicator and it has never smudged on me. I wrote a full review of this gem here is you’d like to know more.

Christmas lipstick

Lip products you NEED for Christmas:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for your lips as you can be as creative and fun with the bold colours on the market. I have a number of berry-toned shades I couldn’t live without! For a full list of these shades see this post here – anything with a berry tone is on my radar. I go between lipsticks so frequently this list would be HUGE.

christmas makeup

What other Christmas makeup you need this year recommendations do you have?

Amy x

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