Christmas Crafts for Kids

‘Tis the season to get crafty, no matter the age of your little one, making the most of rainy days by creating art and crafts at home is the perfect pastime. Rainbow Chalk has given us plenty of ideas for this festive season that I couldn’t wait to share with you all. Read more to be inspired!

Crafts made my children also make for great Christmas gifts for loved ones. Before we dive into the infographic by Rainbow Chalk, I wanted to share how Heidi and I will be using chalk this Christmas to get creative.

This post is a collaboration between Blonde Amy and Rainbow Chalk.

During the next wet weekend, when you can stay in your pyjamas without feeling an ounce of guilt, we’re going to make handmade Christmas cards for our family. Using black card, available in any art and crafts store (or supermarket for that matter) I’m going to trace around Heidi’s little hand and write a Christmas message inside. This is a fantastic keepsake too as we all know how quickly they grow and change. Framing this would also make it look even more deluxe if you’re stuck buying a gift for someone who really has everything. Chalk is much easier to clean up with smaller hands, especially compared to paint, liquid chalk also being a great option if you want minimal clean up. Whilst I’ll be making sure Heidi doesn’t try to eat it, she is at the age where she can hold on to things really well and with a little guidance, I know she will love getting involved.

The advent calendar idea below is certainly one I’m going to bookmark for next year – what a great idea!

Rainbow Chalk as well as other crafty items are not at all expensive and can really help little ones get into the festive spirit. Making homemade gifts, decorations and cards is such a great bonding experience and the creations can be treasured forever – or in my case, until I was old enough to realise I was far from the artist I once thought.

I’d love to hear your crafty plans for Christmas. I can’t wait for Heidi to get older and every year we can more and more creative as I’m a strong believer of encouraging creativity at a young age can really help them flourish when they are older. It doesn’t have to be stressful or particularly messy either, but my fondest memories of a child was getting messy with craft supplies with my parents and sister.

I hope this served some great inspiration for you all. I’ll definitely share our creations over on my Instagram so be sure to follow!

Amy x

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