Why I’m beginning the Christmas countdown

I’m the one in the office that squeals any time the word ‘Christmas’ in mentioned and I will always be that way because it is why favourite time of the year. Is it too early to talk about? Hello no! Who is with me already on the Christmas countdown?

Christmas countdown

There are so many reasons I love Christmas and why I’ll get excited about it as soon as humanly possible so cares it’s only September? I’m starting the Christmas countdown already because it’s my most favourite time of the year.

I am so excited to decorate my new house, with the high ceilings and exposed wooden stairs I am going to convert it into a winter wonderland this year; think the biggest Christmas tree possible with tinsel covering from head to toe.

Who doesn’t love watching Christmas films and diving into yet another box of Hereos or Celebrations? (I don’t care for Roses, but we always see to have them too). My favourite Christmas film of all is The Muppets Christmas Carol and cosy nights in singing along to my favourite festive tunes sounds like the most ideal way to relax.

Gift giving is one of my favourite things. Christmas can become expensive but I love personalised gifts where money is irrelevant, instead thought and love has gone into it. Every body is in the same position and time spent with one another is much more valuable than a new gadget. My parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas, my response was Disney films on Bluray (because I won’t really be 22 when Christmas comes around). #Sorrynotsorry

This year will be the first Christmas Rich and I are spending together even though we’ll be celebrating our 4 year anniversary in February – crazy. With days off over the festive season confirmed, we have decided to visit my parents for Christmas Dinner and then visit his in the evening. Family is so important to me and being surrounded with them  is going to be so magical. I’m so excited.

It is being the first after finishing Uni therefore I don’t have the dread of travelling down, instead are in close proximity to my parents as we celebrate the countdown together. My sister is off to uni this year which means when she returns I’ll have to make it extra special for her so she doesn’t feel at all left out.

Word about our work Christmas party is out and I can’t bloody wait. One of the girls I worked with has suggested candy cane vodka (yes!) and anything that includes drinking until I can’t see straight with the excuse Santa is coming to town works for me.

All in all, every one is much more happier during this festive period which is why regardless of the fact we are only in September, I can’t wait to start opening up my advent calendar and have a Christmas to remember. I know it is going to be the perfect end to what has already been a truly memorial year.

Who else has began the Christmas countdown? I can’t be the only one? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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