Celebrating Summer with Yankee Candle

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know my love for candles is next level, I’m a 21 year old crazy candle lady and I have no regrets. Love Aroma have began to stock the new Spring/Summer (2016) Yankee Candle collections with one of which being the Riviera Escape Votive Set promising to provide summery scents even if the weather outside here in the UK can be a little bit miserable at times. Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing this new collection out and I couldn’t wait to share my review to you all…

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The Riviera Escape Votive Set (available here) is full of new scents as well as some of my all time favourites. I also received two of the votive holders to burn the candles. These are a necessity in my opinion, as this will mean the candles will burn down evenly and therefore last you much longer. Votive candles are also my favourite type as the scent pay off is incredible considering the tiny size of the candles. It also means you can mix and match the scents without committing to just one (perfect for a candle hoarder like me!) plus each candle gives you 15 hours of burn time each which is amazing considering how affordable they are. In the Riviera Escape Set were 6 different scents that smell incredibly summery, so let’s go a little more in depth in my verdict of each…yankee candle 1

#1) Siclian Lemon / This scent has been one of my favourites over the past few years. I love things that smell of citrus and it smells like real lemon as opposed to artificial lemon which can be found in a lot of lemon based products. This reminds me of summer so much as it smells so exotic, that said, it does make me wish I was away on holiday. If you are a fan of lemon smells and have never tried this candle I couldn’t recommend it enough!

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#2) Olive & Thyme / This is a scent that I wouldn’t have probably picked up should I have been in store as it has quite herbal notes that are not normally my type of preference. That said, when burning, it reminded me of summery days spent outside. Think freshly cut grass in the summer. This is a really lovely scent and is an example of why I love receiving gift sets as they introduce me to scents I may have neglected previously but now love.

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#3) Riviera Escape / The scent in which this set effectively revolves around. It smells incredibly aquatic which reminds me of being in Devon when I was younger so it became incredibly nostalgic when burning. It does smell wonderful, but isn’t my favourite of the set as I feel like many companies (and even Yankee Candle) replicate this smell often. That definitely isn’t a complaint though!

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#4) Sea Salt & Sage / Another scent I’ve never tried before and instantly fell in love. This felt incredibly fresh, but reminded me of when you get out of the sea in the summer and how your hair smells, if that makes sense? It is really unique and one I’ll be buying again as even after I blew the candle out, the scent stayed in the room for almost a day which is incredibly impressive. I really hope this makes it to their permanent line of fragrances and isn’t just a SS16 special as it smells like it should be much more high end. Definitely one of my favourites and one I’d recommend to everyone to try out!

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#5) Lavender / I don’t know how you can play up or play down a Lavender scent. This is true to its name and the scent was incredibly powerful. I loved burning this an hour before I went to sleep as I always find Lavender helps me drift off much easier. This isn’t one I’d jump to buy again as it’s very simplistic but nonetheless displayed the wonders of Yankee Candle.

yankee candle

#6) Summer Peach / The last of the scents I burnt. I was so excited to try this as I adore peachy scents and had never tried one from Yankee Candle as of yet. This smelt really fruity but somewhat artificial? It kind of let me down a little. It was a lot more subtle than, for example, Siclian Lemon which had a much larger outreach than this one. That said, not everyone likes powerful candles and if you’re on the hunt for a fresh yet fruity smell this summer, you’ll probably love this a little more than me.

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All in all, I’m really impressed with this set and the new SS16 collections by Yankee Candle as they have managed to capture summer so wonderfully in such unique scents. This set as well as others from the collection can be found at Love Aroma (here) plus they offer 20% Yankee Candle on your first order but I’d be quick as I can tell these are going to sell out quickly.

Have you tried any of these? Which are your favourite Yankee Candle scents? Let me know!

Amy x

*these products were sent to me to review, but all opinions are my own, click here to read my full disclaimer.

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