Makeup Revolution brush cleaner review

Since publishing my last post, a lot of you let me know that I’m definitely not the only one that forgets to clean makeup brushes as much as they should be done. I therefore decided to test out the Makeup Revolution brush cleaner. This is a spray that claims to refresh brushes, removing makeup whilst getting rid of the bacteria. Sounds amazing, right? See how I got on using the Makeup Revolution brush cleaner.

Makeup Revolution brush cleaner

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Primark false nails review

I am obsessed with falsies but I’m on a serious spending ban as driving lessons have cost me a bomb recently as well the fact Christmas will soon be with us, I need to save money wherever I can. This has led me to try budget brands where possible and I was interested in Primark false nails. So continue reading to see my honest review and thoughts.

Primark false nails

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John Frieda go blonder range review

If you’ve seen this Youtube video of my recent beauty and hair haul, you’d see I picked up a LOAD of products from the John Frieda go blonder range after I got my hair done and it was a little too dark for me. If my blog name doesn’t give it away, I’m all about being as blonde as possible so continue reading to see how I rate this particular John Frieda go blonder range.

John Frieda go blonder range

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RCMA no colour powder review

Since recently becoming available on Beauty Bay, I’ve had a lot of questions about my experience with the RCMA no colour powder: Is it worth it? Does it set your makeup well? Is it the best powder for baking? ect so I thought I’d write a post all about my experience with the hyped product (I’m looking at you, Kathleen Lights) so continue reading if you want to know more about the RCMA no colour powder!

RCMA no colour powder

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Makeup Revolution oval brushes review

I have been on the hunt for a dupe of my Artis brush ever since I added it to my collection a few months ago. I’ve looked at a load of different oval brushes but these caught my eye with their rose gold lure so continue reading to find out how I believe the Makeup Revolution oval brushes compare to the coveted Artis ones.Makeup Revolution oval brushes

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