Blogging Goals Whilst At University

I’ve been somewhat dreading going back to Uni as this is my final year of returning to education. The dreaded third year at uni has finally arrived and I’m definitely not ready!. With returning to full time education and maintaining a part time job, my time is definitely going to be much more scarce than I have used to since I broke up for the summer. The last thing I want to compromise in doing, is maintaining my blog! Blogging has quickly become my favourite hobby and I would not let it slip away as writing my thoughts to share with you all is such an amazing experience. This encouraged me to think of ways to maintain my blog with my other commitments this academic year and I wanted to share with you all any changes that may be made as well as to help others in the same position as me as well as blogging goals I’d love to reach this year!

blogging goals whilst at university

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