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You guys really seemed to enjoy my latest post about how to make my old car feel new, and my driving test experience video has almost reached 10K views on YouTube, I have been asked to share additional car maintenance tips and tricks regarding how to look after a car, especially for those that have just passed their test and looking to make an older car run as new. Having a car is expensive addition, and so I’m all about living a more frugal life and do my research in ways to make it even cheaper.

Car maintenance

1. Cheap Tyres
When a car gets older and older, the tyres get more and more worn and it is likely that if you’ve bought a second hand car then you may need to change the tyres – an expensive idea you may think, however there are a lot of outlets that sell them at an affordable price, plus you can get someone who has changed a tyre before to help you so you don’t need to pay a garage to do it. If you live in Dundee, Fifo Autocentre stocks a range of cheap tyres for all different car brands, and all you need to do is enter your number plate and they’ll identify the tyres your car will need. Everyone will be so impressed!

2. Changing Your Oil
Rich did this for me after I drove my car only a few times, and vows this is a wonderful way to keep your car running well internally, and he did it all from the comfort of his parents drive for me. Did you know this should be changed every 5,000 miles? Me neither. That can all add up in the long run, especially if like me you have a long commute to work. It may be messy, but doing it yourself if have fresh oil, a new oil filter, an oil pan, an oil-filter wrench and a funnel can save you so much in the long run.

3. Regularly Check Fluid Levels
Do you remember in your driving test when you had to learn how to check the engine coolant level, brake fluid level amongst other fluids in the bonnet of your car? I bet you can count the amount of times you have done so on your car on one hand and there’s a reason they teach you how to do this before you pass your test – you’re going to need it to check levels yourself. By keeping an eye on the levels, you can foresee when one is getting too low, research the cheapest place to buy said product, and refill it yourself to the maximum line anywhere at home where your car is in a straight position (not on a hill ect.)

4. Bodywork/Paint
I wish my car came without a single scratch on it, but when you pass your test truth is your first car may have been through the wars a little. My car had a few scratches, but an easy way to fix those yourself if using a wax and polish mix and work it into the scratch. I didn’t believe it would be that easy, but the scratch looked almost invisible and it just looked much better after a good little clean. The only thing stopping us doing this our self is laziness, but the end result is well worth it! Such an easy car maintenance hack.

5. Lights
Lights are so important for car maintenance, not only for driving in the dark but also for letting people know behind you that you are breaking. If one blinker is flashing faster than the other, it can mean the bulb has blown. A local car store, or your cars manual, will tell you which bulb you will need (it isn’t like changing a bulb in the living room – one size does not fit all). Doing this at home can be very easy, but remember: when changing the bulbs, only hold the metal bulb holder at the base, or make sure you’re wearing rubber surgical / mechanic’s gloves (clean ones) if you’re touching the glass – it can be very hot and can smash very easily.

Do you have any additional car maintenance tips to add? Let everyone know in the comments, and we can all learn something new.

Amy x

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