Lush Boxing Day Sale

I’m so excited to share with you my Lush Boxing Day Sale items! After several attempts onto the Lush website on Boxing day, like many, the website crashed and the app didn’t allow me access. Alas, I was relentless and finally got onto the site on the 27th of December to pick up some of their Christmas products at a discount. This is the only time of year Lush have a sale and I knew I had to pick up some items. I could have bought so much more but having received so many bath products for Christmas I only added the items that I knew I would use straight away. Their Christmas line is one of my favourite and anything to keep the festivities going throughout the year had my seal of approval (no bah humbugs allowed!). So sit back, relax, as I share with you the newest Lush products in my collection.

lush boxing day sale

lush golden wonder

Golden Wonder / I failed to pick one of these up in my huge christmas lush haul (see that post here – yes I’m aware I’m a little obsessed!) and I totally regretted it. Many people had raved about this bath bomb and seeing it in the sale I picked up two. They were not wrong! I used this just the other night after celebrating my uni deadline on Instagram (you can follow me here) and you all seemed to agree it was one of the best from the Christmas collection. It turned the bath such a gorgeous torquious colour and I really enjoyed it – so happy I have another to use.

lush cinders

Cinders / This is a spicier scent with predominantly cinnamon notes and is Christmas in a bath bomb. It’s popping candy ingredients means this is going to pop and fizz away dramatically to create a very inviting bath. I always tend to get ill over January/February and I’m going to be saving this for just that. I’m sure it will blast away any nasties in the system whilst making my skin feel super soft.

lush snow fairy

Snow Fairy Shower Gel / I couldn’t not add a miniture Snow Fairy to my basket despite the fact I have a 500g tub to use up from my previous haul. This is much more portable and therefore will be perfect for when I’m travelling or at the gym for cotton candy freshness on-the-go. I’ll be smelling like Snow Fairy all year round at this rate but I have no regrets – I understand the hype!

lush exfoliator

The Rough With The Smooth / this isn’t a part of the Christmas Range but was discounted so I had to give it a try. This exfoliating block is made of granulated sugar to smooth the skin. It smells like a combination of pepper and vanilla, which is unusual, but very enjoyable. I’ve been really curious about Lush’s exfoliators and at half price, you can’t go wrong!

lush boxing day sale 4

Jungle Hair Conditioner / Again another product I’ve wanted to try but at £5.95, I couldn’t justify it. However, at half the original price, this hair taming conditioner will be great at controlling frizz in the dryer months. It smells like cocoa butter and I’m so curious to give it a go. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes but I’m very excited to give it a good go.

Lush you’ve been amazing to me and I’m well stocked up ready to try a range of new products. I just wished they’d do sales more often as it’s the perfect opportunity to add new products in your basket you wouldn’t usually try. I am sad to say goodbye to their Christmas range but I’m well stocked up for the rest of the year.

Did you pick up any goodies from the Lush boxing day sale? Let me know!

Amy x

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