Bomb Cosmetics wax melts review

It doesn’t seem all that long ago when I was writing about my love for Yankee Candle Wax Melts and how the intense smell makes my flat smell good enough to eat but today I have news on a brand I have recently discovered and love just as much as my Yankee Candle collection that cost so much less – the Bomb Cosmetics wax melts! See my I’ve been loving them so much…

bomb cosmetics wax melts

I picked these up when I visited Devon just over a month ago, they were either four ‘little hotties’ wax melts for £1 or fill a box for £6.99. I went for the box, of course which I thought would be much better value plus they had so many different scents I couldn’t possible chose just a few! Guess just how many I fitted into the box? 20? No. 30? Nope. 40? No! I got 52 melts into the box which worked out paying half price for the melts – how great value is that? The smells I picked up range from chocolate orange, citrus tango, lavender and fresh linen. The booklet that came with the melts suggested ways in which to mix up the fragrances to create brand new ones so for example, a mix of different tropical scents could create a whole new cocktail fragrance which is great to know if you  fancy something really specific that you may not have.

bomb cosmetics wax melts box

bomb cosmetics wax melts box

They offer something different to Yankee candle in terms of scents and so I’m going to make sure I’m stocked up on both but it is great to have different scents ready for the different seasons as well as the mood you’re in. they’re not as big as the Yankee melts but I put two in at a time in my Yankee candle wax melter and it works a treat so I’d recommend everyone does the same. However, Bomb Cosmetics sells their own melt burners which are more appropriate for the smaller size melts which you can find here. They’re definitely as great quality as the Yankee Candle melts and I really wish I had discovered them much sooner. For a smelly fanatic these are so perfect for making your room smell amazing and the range of the ‘little hotties’ caters for everyone’s preferences.

bomb cosmetics wax melts box

bomb cosmetics wax melts box

The cutest thing is that they come in these adorable little shapes which even look cute when storing them. I am honestly so impressed as you can probably tell. I’m going back to Devon in May for ten days and will be going back to stock up like crazy and when I run out of these I will use their website to get even more.

Bomb Cosmetics’ other products remind me of LUSH. Bath bombs, home made soaps, massage bars ect which all have such a fresh scent and smell just like those you find at LUSH but yet again at a much cheaper price. As a LUSH fanatic this was music to my ears and I can’t wait to do a massive haul as soon as I get back to Devon. If you can’t find them in a local store check out their website here with free delivery if you spend over £25. I’m so, so, so happy with these and know I’m not alone so be sure to check them out if you love your home smelling wonderful.

What do you think? Have you ever tried Bomb Cosmetics wax melts? Let me know!

Amy x

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