Body Shop toning massage oil review

My quest for a nice yet inexpensive massage oil was harder than I first imagined. That’s until I stumbled across the new Body Shop toning massage oil. Needless to say I was curious and knew I had to give it a try and let you guys know what it is all about!

Body Shop toning Massage Oil Review

First Impressions: When I was in store, I asked a sales assistant her opinion of the Body Shop toning massage oil. She helped sell it to me saying that it has been compared to bio oil in terms of helping skin tone and skin texture whilst lasting forever. I then saw the £15 price tag but with my body shop loyalty card and its 10% off I decided to give it a go. There were other oils but this one was recommended as being the better as others were either unscented or scented with a really strong, and in my opinion, disguising scent. I could smell the citrus tones of this and knew it would be a great companion to when I get massages. I was really eager to try it out and see if I spent £13.50 too much or had found a new holy grail product.

Body Shop Toning Massage Oil review

Using the Product: The first thing I noticed was how amazing the Body Shop toning massage oil smelt, I mean I knew it had citrus undertones but in reality it filled the room with a fragrance identical to sherbet lemons. So, so, so gorgeous! What I noticed whilst using the product and having the product used on me (all in the name of blogging, I swear!) is that you can use as much or as little as you want due to its absorbency into the skin. The product isn’t cold to apply which is essential in a massage oil and isn’t at all greasy which you’d only expect from a higher end product. Love it. As for the toning elements this product promises I’ve yet to see any difference in my skin texture. I was using Bio Oil previously and have been using it half as much to see if this compares and although I wouldn’t replace my trusted Bio Oil, this has helped to even out skin tone slightly and is great to use it with Bio Oil plus it is MUCH cheaper. This really exceeded my expectations.

Would I Recommend? I really would recommend the Body Shop toning massage oil. If anything, this is a fantastic excuse to get several massages off of your loved ones. The smell is something I can’t stop whiffing. I know it’ll last me a good couple of months and I’ll be going back for more once it’s run out as my search for a high quality oil was a long one and I’m pleased I’ve finally found one that meets all of my expectations and more.

Amy x

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