31 Blogmas Ideas

I can’t believe it is already the first of December which becomes filled with Blogmas/Vlogmas posts all to get our christmas spirits rising! I had so much fun participating last year, but with third year deadlines there is no way I can post daily for an entire month, but that’s not to say you can’t. If this is your first Blogmas or you’re thinking of taking part I’ve written a list of 31 ideas that you can use everyday throughout December, or just to inspire you to think of your own. Either way, feel free to use and abuse this post for Holiday filled post ideas and can’t wait to read them all!

What is Blogmas/Vlogmas? It’s when you post everyday throughout December, filled with Christmas related content, counting down to the big day. It’s becoming incredibly popular and todays post should help you all be filled with inspiration on how to get started.

31 Blogmas Ideas


1.Gift Ideas for Her.
2. Gift Ideas for Him.
3. What are Your Christmas Traditions?
4. DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas.
5. Secret Santa Gift Ideas.
6. Holiday Outfit Post.
7. Top Christmas Jumper Picks.
8. Christmas Tree Reveal.
9. Favourite Childhood Christmas Memory.
10. Who You Will be Spending Christmas With.
11. 10 Things You’re Thankful For This Christmas.
12. Things I Love At Christmas.
13. A Letter To Santa.
14. Christmas Cookie Recipe.
15. Christmas Playlist.
16. Top Christmas Films.
17. Last Minute Gift Ideas.
18. DIY Christmas Cards.
19. Throwback to Past Christmases.
20. Christmas Decor Inspiration.
21. How to Have Christmas on a Budget.
22. Blogmas Post Ideas.
23. Host a Christmas Giveaway.
24. Best Christmas Advent Calendars.
25. Christmas Cocktail Recipes.
26. What you Got For Christmas.
27. Reflection on the Year.
28. How to Survive the Boxing Day Sales.
29. Photo Diary of Christmas Day.
30. Christmas/New Year Makeup Ideas.
31. New Year Resolutions.

So there we go guys! I hope you take inspiration from these and have the best start to your Blogmas journey, I’m so excited to read all of your posts counting down to the big day.

Have you got any more Blogmas/Vlogmas ideas? Be sure to post them in the comments to help others too! Best of luck to everyone.

Amy x

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