Blogging Goals Whilst At University

I’ve been somewhat dreading going back to Uni as this is my final year of returning to education. The dreaded third year at uni has finally arrived and I’m definitely not ready!. With returning to full time education and maintaining a part time job, my time is definitely going to be much more scarce than I have used to since I broke up for the summer. The last thing I want to compromise in doing, is maintaining my blog! Blogging has quickly become my favourite hobby and I would not let it slip away as writing my thoughts to share with you all is such an amazing experience. This encouraged me to think of ways to maintain my blog with my other commitments this academic year and I wanted to share with you all any changes that may be made as well as to help others in the same position as me as well as blogging goals I’d love to reach this year!

blogging goals whilst at university

#1 | Post Twice a Week.
I’ve been posting three times a week throughout the summer however lowering the amount of posts will ensure I am happy with the quality of everything. I believe this will be manageable and means when my dissertation becomes too much I have another creative outlet. I want to keep posting regularly as I love visiting my favourite blogs when I know a new post has been published. I’m thinking of those days being Tuesday and Friday? This means I’ll simply stop my Sunday posts. But you will all be the first to know when changes are made, so don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for any updates!

#2 | Reach 1,500 on Bloglovin.
Blogging is definitely not about numbers and I’d rather have fewer followers that read my blog than lots who don’t, however having spent hours on Bloglovin’ reading my favourite blogs, I’d love to reach a significant milestone by the time I finish uni. Being so close to 1000 makes me more determined than ever to increase my following further and I believe this number is achievable!

#3 | Schedule more Tweets.
Scheduling tweets is such a love/hate relationship with me and I need to give it another chance. Whilst being at uni and at work, I’m going to begin scheduling tweets to promote posts when I’m unable too. Scheduling tweets directs so much more traffic to my blog, but I hate the idea of it being un-personal. I’m going to give it a second chance, I’ve tried Future Tweet so be sure to leave your modes of scheduling tweets in the comments. It’s such a chore, but so worth the effort.

#4 | Improve my SEO & Page Authority.
This is something I’ve been working on a lot recently and hope to improve dramatically throughout the next year. SEO is so, so important to a blog and driving traffic and I’m working on improving mine so it appears higher in Google ratings ect. I love reading posts by other bloggers on how they improved theirs, ultimately resulting in a higher page authority. I never understood any of this jargon, but find it leads to more engagement for my blog which is always a fantastic thing. At the moment my page rates at 26 (correct from the 20/09/2015) and I hope to keep making this higher with more work. Check your page authority here!

#5 | Schedule Posts and Get More Organised!
I need to get more blog organised! I’m going to be making a spreadsheet (thats it, I feel so old!) to note down all my ideas and dates on when to start writing them up, taking appropriate photographs and when best to post. In order to maintain everything this year, I need to get my ass in gear to keep on top of everything. I’m one of those people  that has a million ideas and forget them all when I put pen to paper, so I’m going to be writing everything down on the notes on my phone and putting them all on the new formed blogging spreadsheet. I will be organised. I hope.

setting blog goals

I always believe you can find the time to do the things you love, and blogging is so important to me I won’t be taking blogging breaks. Posting less is my only compromise but I would rather post less of a higher quality than more of less. My final year is going to be the hardest academic year of my life and I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of the blogging community.

How do you stay organised? Managed to keep on top of several commitments? Let me know what you found helpful below!

Amy x

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