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I’ve recently decided to create a bloggers to blame wishlist. Why? Find out more…

As I do every week, a few nights back I was having some ‘me’ time with a hot drink and a full blogging feed ready to read and after seeing everyone’s ‘January Favourites‘ posts, I’ve been full of product lust for just about everything however being a Uni student, as much as I wish I could add them all to my basket and buy, instead I have decided to create my own wishlist and wait until I can afford such beautiful products. So these are my favourite products and all I’m waiting for is a lottery win (although doing it might be a start!)

Bloggers-To-Blame Wishlist

Georgio Armani ‘Si’ Perfume | £69.99
One of my best friends got this beautiful perfume off her boyfriend for christmas and the sweet, floral, feminine scent was like nothing I’ve smelt before and not only was I insanely jealous but I knew I had to have it, yet at such an expensive price tag it fell to the back of my mind. Well, until you lovely lot began to write about it on your blogs as you and her alike recieved it for christmas and were spreading the word on how amazing it smells annd is generally from packaging to long-lasting. When I have the money to spare and when my current perfumes are up this is definitely going to be on my wishlist, if you haven’t given it a whiff then I recommend you do – it’s so beautiful!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit | £52.70
Contour Kits have hit the blogosphere by storm since the new year. I’m yet to own one myself and I have been utterly convinced within the past week that this need to be the newest addition to my make-up collection. Those that have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Kit have claimed this to be the ultimate holy grail product yet you’d expect it at such a high price. Contour kits use a mix of natural colours and include highlighters, bronzer and blush to help create definition on your face. Perfect to team up with a Beauty Blender, contour kits deliver airbrush results quick.

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick | £15.50
So with Kylie and Kendall Jenner to hold responsible, the most hyped MAC lipstick at the moment is certainly this bad boy. A neutral pink with slightly warm brown undertones it’s the perfect nude lipstick currently on the market. I am yet to own anything MAC if I’m honest, just because being a student, you barely have enough for the essentials. Yet by the swatches fellow bloggers have kindly shared (I totally mean tormented me with) if I was able to buy one it would have to be this! If you have this, I envy you a little a lot.

LUSH Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar | £3.25
Anything from LUSH is a weakness of mine so you can imagine my excitement as they released their valentines 2015 range. A collection of new bath bombs, organic products and hair care have been released for a limited time! Specifically, the Unicorn Horn Soap Bar has to be my favourite – you get many uses from the one product and it turns your bath into a work of art with the colours it creates not to mention the lavendar oil it contains is perfect to help you relax after a busy day and sleep really well. Lush – why do you not have a branch in Harrow on the Hill please?

Marocconoil Treatment | £31.85
With constantly dry/damaged hair with a high risk of split ends due to my addiction to making my hair aqs blonde as possible, the Marocconoil has been claimed to be the best of the best with so many different bloggers with different hairtypes rave about how it has performed miracles in such a short time span. This is therefore something my hair needs to bring it back to life. Many reviews claim that cheaper brands with a similiar oil make hair greasy, this does not and really is a must have.

Yankee Candle Red Raspberry | £16.99
Yankee Candle have also jumped onto the Valentines bandwagon with their Red Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit releases. Now, as an avid Yankee Candle user, these appeal to me so much. I was a fan of the Sweet Strawberry scent (which is currently their fragrance of the month – you get 25% off basically) and so the Red Raspberry makes me weak at the knees seeming as raspberrys are my favourite fruit to eat. If I could add a candle to my ever-growing collection it would therefore be this beautiful thing.

Are you lusting over any of these wonderful products? Or do you have any of these and want to share your review?

Amy x

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