Worth the hype? Benefit they’re real mascara

When it comes to mascara I’m particularly picky. I’ve tried so many and still feel my quest for ‘the one’ has yet to be concluded. After picking up the much loved Benefit mascara, I wanted to do a ‘Worth the hype? Benefit they’re real mascara’ post to let you know if it is worth the endless positive reviews you see all over the internet. If you’re curious to see more, keep reading!

Benefit they're real mascara

I received a Benefit gift set for christmas that came with a sample size of this massively hyped mascara and I was impressed but it ran out before I could decide if it was for me, so I though I’d buy the full size product (I bought this from BeautyBay.com but since it has been taken away from the website, but can equally be bought on the Benefit website or other retailers). At £19.50 it is an expensive purchase, the most I have paid previously is around £5 so this was a great jump but if it is the miracle mascara everyone claims it is then the price will be forgotten. But the question is, was it really worth the price?

Benefit they're real mascara review

When I used this at first, I was completely impressed. It really did make my lashes look really long and volumised but the biggest problem I had was that it was really clumpy on the first few applications – remember when we were 13 and having three spider legs for eyelashes was a weird obsession? It reminded me of this, but nothing a little separation couldn’t sort out even though my fingers got really messy after. I didn’t use an eyelash curler but when I did, I was re-impressed with the product. The close to £20 price tag was put to the back of my mind as I set off for the day with my false-lash like lashes. Once I managed to control the amount of product on the brush, my lashes looked less spider-like and I received so many compliments, a co-worker even ask if I had eyelash extensions. It stayed on all day long, I had a 16 hour day and they look just as good as when I first put the mascara on that morning. Benefit, I was impressed.

Benefit Theyre Real Mascara Review

Swatch of the mascara – it’s a great black and it can be brushed on with fine movements.

HOWEVER, the non-waterproof formula can mean mascara+rain=disaster. Be careful! Also, another concern was that it became very dry by the end of the day and I felt the temptation to pick off the clumps on my lashes but I was sure I didn’t as this can really damage your natural lashes. Lastly, to get off this is a total pain! I tried a few different products and wasn’t until I tried the ‘Simple’ make-up wipes were I felt that the mascara actually came off. Benefit do sell a remover for this mascara but that is another expense but would be a worth investment if I decide this is ‘the one’ but I’d recommend everyone with it give the ‘Simple’ make up wipes a good go, well worth it at a fraction of the price.

Benefit Theyre Real Mascara wand

So is the Benefit they’re real mascara worth the hype? I’d say it is partially worth the hype. The mascara is fantastic at giving you ‘false lash effect’ from a tube and I will be buying this again when this runs out. Because of the non-waterproof formula and the ‘clumpy’ consistency that forms by the end of the day, this is not ‘the one’ however I can’t help but go back to this and feel my lashes are naked without it, the staying power is far too impressive too, I have not had that with any mascara I have used previously. I love volumised lashes and so for me this ticks so many boxes. At £19.50 I still feel this is a little too expensive but all Benefit products are in this price range so it’s not too much of a shock. It is also surprising to know that this is still the best seller despite the ‘Rollerlash’ being released earlier this year so that speaks for itself. It is brilliant but many drugstore products are competing with this and I’ll be really interested in trying those out to see how they compare.

Have you tried the Benefit they’re real mascara? What do you think? Let me know!

Amy x

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